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    Who are the whistle blowers?

    Now a days we hear about the whistle blowers. They are very important people in the sense that they bring out the faults and falacies in the system and top executives and bring it to the notice of authorities.

    These people are generally working in the same organisation and are aware of the things going on there.

    Some people believe that these whistle blowers are the honest people who can not tolerate any corruption and bring it to the notice of authorities like enforcement directorate etc. so that the culprits can be booked.

    On the other hand there are people who believe that it is not so and in fact these whistle blowers are nothing but the disgruntled and lazy employees who are not in the mainstream of the organisation and are not satisfied with their career. They are unhappy with the management on one pretext or other.

    What do you think about it? What is your view?
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    Whistle blowers are the people who raised their voice when they see something is not going through the system / system bypass issues.

    I don't agree that they are unhappy with the management or something like it. They do it for the management itself and help management by pointing out the system defaults.

    I don't think these people are not satisfied by their career but they want to make systems more strong by eliminating the ways and people breaking the rules.


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    Whistleblowers are the people who alert the concerned people when something unwanted is happening in the system. In a process industry, we say quality control people are the troubleshooters. They will bring the problem to the notice of the concerned. In the same way in an office or an organisation if the issues are not happening in the desired way these people make those problems to be noticed by all. These people are really sincere people and they want the system to work as planned.
    If the noticed problem is brought to the notice of the concerned person, it is OK. But in some Organisation there will be some whistleblowers who will blow the whistle only to the top boss. Their main interest is not correcting the issues. Their main agenda is to complain about people and get benefitted. Some top people try to utilise these people to get information about the happenings in the organisation.

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    A whistleblower is a self-satisfied person who has no fear or favour to expect and goes on the right path to call a spade a spade. An organization may or may not have such whistleblowers. If there is one such whistleblower in any organization, that organization will prosper and develop, and at times ruin also.
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    Whistle blowers are those who reveal the illegal and inappropriate activities of the organization or of any particular employee to the higher authorities. The whistle blowers may be internal or external but faces extreme difficulty to continue in the job. Reporting to the top level of the company about any misdeeds and continuing the job at the same time becomes impossible and in almost every cases the whistle blower is sacked. Because of the risks and sufferings associated with whistle blowing there are laws to protect the whistle blowers where proper guidelines are provided about the investigation of alleged misdeeds. There are different reasons about becoming the whistle blower and it is for them many misdeeds become public.

    While most of the internal network hacking is done by disgruntled or sacked employees, it is difficult to pinpoint the reasons for whistle blowing. External whistle blowers get a wide publicity along with suspensions too and in many cases the whistle blowers are prosecuted.


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