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    What's going on in ISC?

    I joined ISC on 26th Sept and since then I have been an active member of the site. In the first week my resource responses and answers to the questions were getting approved so quickly and were given cc in no time. But I have observed since last few days its taking time. From 2nd Oct my cash has not increased as nothing has been approved.

    Are editors very much in other stuff or what?
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    I think such thinks are bound to happen when we have loads of contests going on side by side. Editors must be busy correcting articles and reading forum entries. Keep patience for a little while.
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    Thanks for your prompt response. I thought I have done something wrong so they are not awarding me the cc now a days.

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    I think ISC is stable site and rank good on search engine. There may some delay due to lack of time of editors.

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    I think the editors are busy in other assignments. I have seen the activity in Ask Experts Section is almost zero from the last 4 or 5 days. Maybe the shortage of editors? We have to wait patiently for the actions of the concerned.
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    According to my understanding, we should wait for 10(Ten days) patiently. If nothing happens, we can raise a thread in the forum section. So, have the patience for ten good days. Please don't ask me where such a rule is placed to read. It is an unwritten rule as per my understanding. In ten days, ISC things become old. So, ISC will care to approve the articles within ten days, I believe.
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    The time taken to approve the answers in AE section is least. If there is some delay, it indicates that the Editors in that section are not available or are busy in other sections. Be patient, your answers will be reviewed soon.
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    So far there is no delay. Sometimes our things are approved quickly in 1 - 2 days, so we are seeing things in that perspective.

    It is very common for items to be approved in 10 days. It even takes time to the tune of 20 days also. There are various factors which are responsible for this.

    So be patient and wait. You will get your points and cc accordingly.

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    Thanks umesh, I was worried and was thinking as if its happening with me or happening to all of us.

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    Sanjeev, there is nothing to be worried about. Just shed that negative attitude about ISC and everything will be fine. Please do keep in mind that ISC is not a simple money making site like other sites with which you may be associated.

    Your responses to articles and solutions in the Ask Expert section will be reviewed as they come up in the queue. Please be patient as advised by the experienced members in the responses above.

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