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    This day is celebrated as World Postal Day.

    October 9th is celebrated as World Postal Day. This day was selected in memory of the day on which 'Universal Postal Union' was established at Switzerland in 1874. In India a week from today is celebrated as Postal Week.
    Earlier we were having Post and Telegraph Department. In 1985 It was separated and the Postal department became independent. Post Offices started functioning in almost all parts of the country. At present there are 1,54,910 post offices of which about 90% are in rural areas. The introduction of Postal Index Number code (PIN) improved the services of post offices. Now the rural people are mainly depending on post offices. Modern communication methods like mobile phones and it's applications have almost replaced the Postal facility. Many depend it only for sending registered articles. Courier services also are playing a major role in replacing Postal service.
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    Thanks to the other for the information he has given. I am happy to know that today is the world Postal Day. I remember my younger ages when all the members of the family were used to wait eagerly to see the man in Kakhi dress on a cycle coming towards the house with a bunch of letters in his hand or bag. I remember everyday evening after coming from the office my father's first question to my mother was " Are there any letters today". But these days there is no letter writing. Everything is on phone or email. Very rarely we write letters.
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    I really wish people would utilize the postal services. Speed Post is really good and costs far less than a courier service. It would also be good to pen letters and send greeting cards for birthdays, festive occasions, celebrations and invites. It is sad that people have stopped doing so. I still buy cards and love going to the post office, buying stamps and sending them off. Honestly, it is good fun just visiting a post office! The only thing is that they do not have proper gum or paste so I carry my own.

    On my visits to the post office, I find that many people use the post office to pay their electric bills (that is no fun, as the queues are really long and I stopped going there for this purpose) or use the postal bank services but not for its primary use of buying envelopes and stamps and posting them. The Registered Post service is used once in a while by some of the public. Really, we must encourage others to use the postal services and make use of them, too.

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    I may add that there was a time when I used to wait for the post man. It was when I was a PG student staying far away from my parents. The wait was for the money order he used to bring almost every month. That gave the much needed money for the payment of hostel rent, mess fee, etc. Now only very few people depend on post office for sending money.

    I may also supplement a short history of Postal service in Kerala. The postal service was started as a human messenger service. In the year 1784 the then Maharaja of Travencore started the service appointing necessary healthy persons as the carriers of letters and other articles. These persons were known as "Anchalottakkaran" (Runner with tapal/ postal articles). They are to run about 12 to 13 km. at a time distributing postal articles on the way to the addressee. After covering that much distance another person would take over the duty. These people will have a particular uniform to distinguish. Also they would carry a stick having metallic bells attached to it which help people know that the post man is coming.
    During night they would carry a light also for identification (light might be a bundle of burned palm leaves).


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    Post Office is still doing a great service especially in remote areas where letters are still moving from one place to other.

    Slowly it is also getting modernised in many ways and serving its customers. The post office savings schemes especially NSc, KVP, PPF, RD, Sukanya Yojna, Senior Citizen deposit etc are still very popular as they provide a better return than the bank FDs.

    The registered letter and speed post are less costly than the courier services and are also reliable. Now Post Office is introducing ATM services also and its working is turning to digital from manual. In coming times I hope the services will improve further.

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    Even today, I depend and rely more on postal service than the courier services, maybe because I am terribly old-fashioned. I do know that even now, more than 80% of the Indian population (people in rural and semi-urban areas, aged people in big cities and people from the weaker economic background) use Government postal service.

    I wish the people employed in the Indian Postal Service and the Army Postal Service on the occasion of World Postal Day.

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    People still use speed posts and registered post. There are few government departments who ask your document through postal services they don't accept courier like income tax department.

    But thats true with introduction of Internet and courier services the use of postal service has drastically decreased.

    Many of post offices are closed as they don't have much work to do. Even the letter boxes which were very common to see in the past now are hardly found.


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