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    Impact of tourism industry on our society

    Tourism industry is one of the biggest industries in any country. Any country is precious with her scenic beauty and pleasant weather. Not only the scenic beauty but the historical places, museums, art galleries, cleanliness of the city etc attract many tourists to explore the country. Today I shall discuss whether this industry has any effect on our society.
    Definitely this industry has an important role in the society as a whole. The hotels, market places, restaurants, souvenir house, car rental/transportation, different kind of sports (water rafting, rock climbing, trekking etc) are the main sources of income for a large number of local people of different economic status. Therefore, we can say that, the society gets improved and people can afford their daily expenses and educational needs for their children. The tourists can communicate with the local people about their culture and can take part in the local festivals during their tour. These activities can establish a proper bridge between the natives and the tourists who come from the different parts of the world.
    Tourism industry is a great business for any country to improve their economy. Using the cash inflow generated from the tourism industry, the government of that country can make the country more attractive by creating more tourist spots, recreation centers, entertainment parks, shopping hubs. The government can also use that money to maintain the heritage places. As a matter of fact, the local people associated with the beatification project can be wealthier and this will provide more positive effect in the society as a whole.
    Finally, we can say that the tourism industry is taking a great responsibility to improve the society and individual by creating more job opportunities and providing more number of employments. Any Questions?

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    Yes. The tourism industry is having a really good impact on society. This industry will create employment for many people in the area. This industry will help the country in getting some foreign exchange by attracting the foreigners to the country. The money what is being earned from this industry can be utilised for the development of the society. Good roads and infrastructure can be made available to the public from the money earned here. Indirectly this will help in improving the cleanliness and health of the society.
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