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    How about annual report of ISC?

    We all know that many companies, institutes, organisations and even some educational institutes will be publishing their annual reports. The reports will give about the performance of the entity during that year. The report will highlight the achievements of the concern during that year. They will also discuss various new initiatives they have taken and how the year is different from the previous years.
    But such information about ISC is not seen anywhere. I doubt whether any such report is made or not?. If this practice is not there, is there any possibility of doing so in the future years. If not as a report some concerned senior person from ISC management team can publish one or two articles giving all the salient features of ISC during the previous year. The report need not be a financial report. it can be a performance report. I like to know the views of other members on this issue.
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    No, You are trying to load and overburden ISC. Since its inception, ISC has not made an annual report. We the family members of ISC very well know what is happening at ISC, and how the members are performing, how the revenue is shared etc. I think, an annual report is not necessary.
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    I don't find any objection on behalf of the ISC when & if such details are published keeping few of the things confidential to some extent.

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    I believe the kind of information which are you asking is captured by the Admin team of this site. But not all updates and statistics are published here. With such a huge content website and giving rewards, ISC cannot survive if it does not have the report of revenue and how much rewards have been given. I am pretty sure the webmasters are doing this job already. Only thing is, it is not shared with members as not everyone needs to know about this. I do remember sometimes the stats(in a simple way) are shared in forum messages when there is some issue or some particular keyword which generated more visitors to ISC. I think what ISC can do is, every year share the list of popular keywords which brought more visitors to the site thereby generating more income. This will help members also to identify the hot topics around internet and post content accordingly.

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    Even I agree with Rizwan. Every organisation makes annual report to know that what is the profit they had in the financial year. They may not have shred the same with us and I think its also necessary to do that. Only thing which is required is they just share the reports that which earned them good revenues so that the members may know what topics they should write to gain more profit to the site.

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    Well ISC may have reports like traffic, income report and expenses report for financial years but this is for admin use only. Because it may have some secrets. You can check some data from alexa and similarweb. Other than this ISC have points system for top scorers.

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    Every organisation has got an annual report of their activities done in any particular year and to that extent ISC must be having it.

    Every company is supposed to share its annual report with the directors and shareholders of the company so that they know how the company is doing and if required they can give their feedbacks during the various company meetings and in particular the annual general meeting. The company is also supposed to get it audited and submit a copy to the Govt authorities concerned.

    We are only the contributors and surfers in this site so I do not think that ISC is supposed to disclose or share it with us.

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    Dear All,
    ISC is not a business organization or a manufacturer or a company or an employer providing employment to earn their salary. It is an educational site that helps to learn a lot and earn a bit as incentives. Hence an Annual report is not a must. As suggested by Syed, ISC can publish the keywords that were used by the search engines that helped ISC to earn some sum.

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    I can understand the viewpoint here. We work in an environment, and infact I rely on data and reports for my daily work in office. There is too much of number crunching and stuff which cannot be explained here. But, believe me having such report has its own pros and cons.
    Plus point, it will help in certain factors of areas where, there is less involvement, members with their history of work and winners etc. But it will also burden ISC, I am no one to answer on their behalf, so I will not talk about their mindset over this point. My only point in thinking about the cons is, it can also overturn and motivate a sense of competition among members to be the shinning star, mentioned in the Report.
    Keep doing your work and write daily.
    But, I really appreciate the thought behind this.

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    As far as I know (I may be wrong), Annual Report includes the annual statement of income and expenditure. It is essential for the companies which prepare the annual statement of income and expenditure and get it certified by a Chartered Accountant or by a firm. Most probably, this is a provision of the Companies Act.

    Further, I have seen Annual Reports in respect of Ministries/Departments and PSUs which are laid on both the Houses of the Parliament. These Annual Reports contain the description of the activities undertaken by the organization during the last financial year.

    As ISC does not satisfy any of the above provisions, so, there is no need for Annual Report.

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    ISC is an educational site and we learn a lot of things from the different sections. The annual report of any organization consists of many things and the report helps to improve the performance of the company. Since it is a site for learning, every member posts in different sections according to their capability and expertise for the growth of the site. Rather than the annual report for an educational site, the management can always suggest ways to improve certain sections if there is any shortfall.

    The posts in different sections can be read by anybody looking for relevant information on that topic and there is no bar on topics as long as it is conforming to the guidelines. Mr. Syed Rizwan suggested to share a list of popular keywords to increase the traffic which is a good proposal, but in that case the posts may become limited to those special keywords, that at times become location and time sensitive. For an educational site wide range of topics are always necessary for increased viewership and the members can also suggest what are the important topics that needs special attention.


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    Annual report of need is not about financial details.
    An educational institute will also have an annual report like how many people went to exam this year. How many passed and how many passed. How many students obtained scholarships. They may also give the awards obtained by their staff or students.
    Like this, the progress of ISC during that particular year can be narrated in a small article so that the interested people will read it. It need not be a very elaborative report and not for any statutory requirement.

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    I humbly differ. The progress of ISC-Can it be measured in quantitative terms? What purpose would it serve if the Managing Editor writes that during this year, ISC published x no. of articles, y no. of forum posts, z no. of answers to the questions, etc? Quality is more important than quantity.
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