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    Power of Consistency

    Dear Students,

    There is no better time to learn about the miracles of being discplined and consistent, than today.
    Miracles? How come? I know you must be wondering, that I have never seen any miracle till date, or have you?Yes, you have, infact we all have and sometimes, we are so used to of looking at the natural results of timed behaviour, that we tend to overlook it.

    Let us take an example,We all know, Sun rises in the East, and sets in the West, right?. But, is there any single day, where it is not there? Rainy days? Funny, but it is there shinning behind the clouds. Yes, it is there. Has it ever vanished? Or said" Na, I am lazy today, I don't want to get up, Please let me sleep".

    No!! Why? Because Sun knows, that if he will not rise today, living things like Plants, Trees, Animals, Humans, will suffer due to his absence. How will trees and plants prepare their food? And If there will be no food for plants, there will be an issue with us to breathe. We all need Oxygen right?, which plants produce. Infact that day will be a bit colder, as there is no Sun. It will cause issues for living beings and the list is long.

    It is the result of Disciplined Sun, that we are sustaining and living comfortably every single day.
    I have many more examples, but let us start with one small step and one goal from now on. To begin with, let us try to be awake and perform our duties consistently, like this fire ball.
    What is the task given to us, which is of utmost importance? To study well, so in order to make this work, excel, we will try to be consistent in doing our homework. Make it a note, when you pick up the work, simple revise the previous chapters and finish the current work. By being disciplined like this, you will notice, that fear of exams, fear of tests, being afraid of any surprise test, will go away.

    You will be more confident, and cheerful when your day will begin, along the Sun. :)

    Entry for Classroom Lecture Contest
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    Good. The importance of consistency and discipline is very well explained. Yes without a planned and consistent behaviour one can't be successful in their lives. Making the habits and following them properly is the key to success. We should have a habit of completing our works on time as planned. We should not allow the things to go the way they want and we should be able to make them move as we want.
    always confident

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    A nice lecture explaining the importance of consistency and discipline.

    I consider discipline as the utmost thing in our lives as it helps us managing our things in timely fashion and generally discipline is an important ingredient for achieving success in the life.

    Observing discipline requires hard work, persistence and focussed approach in life and it is the most difficult thing to adopt in life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What an amazing lecture from you Ms. Iti, after a long absence from ISC! It is an inspiring lecture to wake up the lazy minds. True. We should live and lead the life like Sun.
    No life without Sun

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    Thank you, I am happy that you all liked what I could write. I have been active on various platform, and making sure, I can at least return what this platform has given me. Has taught me.
    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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