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    How about some ways to regulate these two wheeler guys?

    I have seen horrible traffic in Bangalore. Hyderabad seemed better, though the actual picture may be different, since I had covered only some areas during my last visi5.

    Chennai is one city where am familiar with bylanes and short roads of many localities. Some intelligent two wheeler guys take these bylanes and small roads to reach main areas. For example there are small roads that done can take from Saidapet a huge but densely populated locality and reach T.Nagar bus station and the huge commercial area of Chennai city without touching the main road which is the prestigious Mount Road.

    I do not know about such routes in other cities. Hence this suggestion: can we regulate the two wheeler guys to follow such roads so that there is less traffic jam on the main road? At least in some areas? These guys pose the biggest headaches to bus drivers and all four wheeler drivers. They drive so fast as if there is no tomorrow.

    What do Members have to say on this?
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    The main reason for this traffic problem is not having the traffic discipline to the commuters. Before doing anything this discipline should be brought into these people. For this imposing abnormal fines which may be very high for a common man to pay may be a correct solution. But another point here is the traffic police officers should also become straight and corruption free. If these two things happen I think definitely the traffic condition on the roads may improve. In Hyderabad also in some areas, there are roads from inside which are known to the locals. Many of the auto drivers, cab drivers and two-wheeler guys will be using these roads, generally.
    It is always wise to have parallel roads everywhere. specifying the lanes for each mode of transport and applying the traffic rules will be a remedy for this problem.

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    Most of the traffic jams are due to two wheelers only. In Delhi the ratio of four wheeler is very less and these two wheeler drivers have no driving sense they overtake from any where and take risks all the time. They think as if road is theirs and they can drive how they want without caring others.

    There should be some way out so that we may allow separate lanes for two wheelers so that we may reduce the jams.

    The idea you gave is good, may be that way the traffic jams be reduced.


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    This has been a common view on the roads and in spite of the traffic police catching them time to time, the menace is not coming down as expected.

    These people have no fear of the family, society and the regulating authorities. In spite of depositing fines, they are not in a mood to correct themselves.

    I think it is the duty of the parents also to see whether their children are erring like this and they should be sternly handled and asked not to repeat such things on the roads. If there is a pressure from the family as well as enforcing agencies then probably there may be some improvement.

    In some countries the license is made invalid if people do not stop it even after a few warnings.

    Speeding may be giving a thrill to these people but it is very dangerous as it can lead to fatal accident anytime leading to harm not only to the biker but any innocent person on the road.

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    Can I make an objection to the statement wherein it says that, "These guys pose the biggest headaches to bus drivers and all four wheeler drivers". Perhaps the author don't have an idea that now a days we evident of more four wheelers then the two wheelers plying on the roads. The rush driving are not limited to two wheelers but also this includes the SUVs & heavy trucks including the buses & there can't be the undeniable facts in either ways.

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    I have seen in almost all cities there are very less people of two Wheeler drivers who drives in proper manner. In one Tamil cinema a comedian comments as our drivers put right indicator, shows left hand but go straight. Similarly our drivers playing on road as their own.
    There is no chance to correct such people by enactment, punishment etc. , but they should correct themselves.

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