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    Navaratri best wishes to all the members.

    From today the Sri Devi Navaratri days are getting started. From today for the next nine days, every day one incarnation of Mata Durga will be worshipped. The Kanaka Durga Temple, in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh will be celebrating this festival in a very grand way. Every day there will be special worships and prayers. Many devotees from both the Telugu States will visit this place and offer their prayers. In our house also we will perform special worships these 9 days. One day we will go to Vijayawada and perform pooja there also.
    On this day, I wish all the members of this ISC happy Navratri days. I wish Mata Durga will bless all the members with good health and prosperity.
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    Best wishes to you too and all ISC members on the occasion of Navratris. On all 9 days we pray and keep fasts. These days are considered to be the holiest days of the year. People go to Vaishnodevi on Navratris to worship Mata Rani. Also in Gajarat on many centers Garba and Dandiya is organised. Its celebrated nicely there and Maharashtra as well.

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    Navratri is one of the great Indian festivals and is being celebrated through the length and breadth of our country.

    This festival is the time to worship Goddess Durga and all other forms in which she existed to kill the demons time to time. People go to the temples and worship the Goddess. Many people decorate their puja places with the idols of Ma Durga and her various forms and the friends and relatives visit there to pray and take blessings.

    We are also planning to go out to a few temples and other places during this auspicious time and take blessings of the Goddess. Wish everyone a happy Navratri time.

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    I recall my childhood days during the Navratri days. Each and every house used to set up a KOLU which is the arrangements of dolls and toys of all nature. They perform pooja and offer prasadam to all those who visit their houses to view the Kolu. I and my friends visit such houses with Kolu and enjoy the evening with various eats offered as Prasadam. We too have our own Kolu and offer prasadam to the visitors during the Navaratri days.

    Such things are missing now. We are now confined to home without any visit to our neighbours. The time and traditions have changed. Kolu is not seen much now.

    @My best wishes to all for a Happy Navratri day.

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    As a child, I looked forward to this season. I would get invited to my neighbour's homes, in New Delhi, for 'kanjak'. As a kid, I loved receiving the red 'chunneris' with gold 'gotta' work, bangles and money. I also loved the 'kala channa' that was served with 'poori' and 'halwa' to the little girls.

    Years later, when my husband was posted in Delhi, my daughter would be invited to the festival. The gifts had become bigger, but the 'prasad' remained the same.

    I have been invited to visit homes to see the 'kolu/golu' doll arrangements, by Tamil Brahmin friends. The 'prasad' here is 'sundal' and the ladies are given a blouse piece. Some people also present a packet of 'bindis' with it.

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    It feels pleasant to wish all the members Happy Navratri. Many blessings to all on this auspicious day.

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    Same to you. I am glad someone posted a thread regarding this. I am out of country and there is no indication of any such festivals of India. This even makes me more nostalgic, as this day, is one of the busiest day of my childhood. Day started with cleaning my worship area in home, making small flower necklaces for statues of God and Goddess.
    Bring stuff for Hawan, and making artificial ropes of Mango leaves, and hanging on the doorsteps.
    There was a smell, a smell that Winters are coming and after few days, there will be festivals. There will be Dusherra and then Diwali.
    But, I am keeping the feeling and learning I have from all of this. It is not only the festivals to celebrate, it is also what you have learnt. Why do you celebrate, Maa Durga. What she did, that made us, remember her even today apart from being a Goddess.

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    May the Goddess shower Her blessings on all. Happy Navaratri! I always visit the local pandals and have sometimes been present during the aarti and seen the mesmerizing dance the ladies do with the smoke-filled clay pots (I can't recall what the dance is called, though). Since many years I have also been following the fun tradition of wearing on each of the nine days clothes which match the colour of the Devi's garments. This year, though, there seems to be some confusion about the colours, with some sources mentioning it as blue on the first day and sky blue on a day next week, whereas some mentioning it starts with yellow!
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    The Navaratri and Vandana's response reminds me of the colours that used to be worn by my office assistant during the normal weekdays. When I enquired, she said the following:

    Monday - White for Moon
    Tuesday - Red for Mars
    Wednesday -Green for Mercury
    Thursday - Yellow for Jupiter
    Friday - Light yellow or pink for Venus
    Saturday - Blue or black for Saturn
    Sunday - Being holiday, No colour choice. But Orange is preferred for Sun.

    Is it not a nice wear for a good look throughout the week!

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    My greetings to all members of ISC on the auspicious occasion of Navratri. May Maa Durga shower her blessings on all.
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