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    Is this child a child of a lesser God?

    The photo with this thread is that of a child sleeping in one of the platforms right outside the Chennai Central Railway Station. None was really bothered, as you can see from the photograph. When I questioned one or two passengers, he warned me that the child could belong to a gang of organized pickpockets.

    My heart stopped for a while. The police were also nowhere to be seen. I did not know why the child was sleeping there, in a place where there is a bus every minute to go to Broadway, the Central bus station from where one can find buses to all parts of the city.

    What can be done about such children? Is this child a child of a lesser God?
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    Thank you so much Vandana Madam. I am learning everyday and hopefully, I shall be able to bring in good photos and good threads too. Thanks a million once again.

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    The child sleeping over the newspapers is the God created child like any other child who is destined to live in poverty. From the picture I could understand that the child is a paralyzed innocent beggar child who must be sleeping after her day-long begging activities. She may or may not have parents. Certainly, she doesn't belong to any pickpocketing group. She is mentally healthy to have a newspaper spread to sleep.

    @I am saying this on this World Mental Health Day.

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    To me it looked like a boy though I was not able to see the child s face properly. The huge crowd gathering every second makes it very difficult to even see the face of the child.

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    From the author's thread we can also refer the below link for related information in this context,

    These stray dogs have life better than human being.

    This is the normal phenomena in any crowded streets or towns, more specially in the metro-polytan cities. Don't we feel we are so many in numbers that restricting population or birth control is getting the need of the hour. I don't know for what else that we need the proofs or we are obliged when the government is blamed for the mismanagement of the resources around us.

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    Some of these children are orphans while some are deputed by their poor parents to such crowded place for begging or may be even pickpocketing. We can not make out it from their faces but the regular travellers can recognise them.

    It is really unfortunate that we do not have any other alternative for these children.

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    We see many such kids these days in many places. In Hyderabad, we find many such girls on the roads. The parents leave them in a place and these girls will be begging the whole day and evening they will come and take away all the money and take them home.
    Some mafia is also there behind this. These people take small kids on hire from their parents and they will be forced to go for begging. After the day the money collected will be taken away by the hired people and the hired amount will be given to parents.
    A very sorry state of affairs and I feel very sorry for such kids. Poverty will me make the people more cruel and merciless. Otherwise how parents can send their children for these activities.

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    In Delhi and may be in other cities also there are gangs who kidnap kids and put them in begging.

    I have seen lots of small kids begging on the traffic signals and sleeping on the footpath. This is very normal in Delhi. Sometimes they become so irritating that they don't understand that we don't want to give them money but they insist on begging.

    And sometimes its so heart touching when see a kid asking for food. Same may be with this kids. May be he is tired after his job of begging so sleeping on the floor.


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    It's quite distressing to look at these children who beg or stay in platforms and footpaths. The situation is more or less same in all the cities in our country. There is no proper planning from the government's end and few good samaritans help these children according to their capabilities.

    There are few NGOs in every big cities working for the betterment of street children and people can get in touch with the NGOs for assistance. A child is a child, irrespective of the background of the parents and if proper care is not taken during childhood any child can turn to antisocial activities after growing up.

    We become emotional after looking at these children and many a times pay them some little amount or food items, but that's a temporary solution. Efforts must be there from all quarters of the society and involvement of the administration is a must to make their living condition better.


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