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    How is Kerala dealing with the aftermath of Flood?

    I pains me to recall the images, where almost all of the lovely state was drowned in flood. There were images of water, even on Cochin Airport. All I could do at that time, was so call and ask my known in that state, how are they and are they safe? Do they need anything?
    But, I see many of my friends, again visiting Kerala now for holidays. I wanted to ask them, how are things there?
    I know most of the people are from Southern part of our country and must have an actual idea. I do not wish to rely on News channels as they are no more to be belived.
    How is Kerala dealing with the aftermath of natural disaster?
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    Though small in size, Kerala is a rich country that can withstand any natural calamities. My good lady is from Kerala, and all my relatives are safe, and they confirmed that the state has returned to normalcy. Keralites are courageous and bold. They have the strength to face difficulties. No worry, but they are under the fury of the God of their own country..
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    I understand from my friends in Kerala, life is back to normal. They told me that everybody back to their places and carried out the required renovation. The government of Kerala also has done good work in restoring the normalcy.
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    There was widespread devastation in Kerala in August of this year. Such rainfall and flood could not be seen in the last 100 years. The life is limping back to normal. But the infrastructure has been severely damaged and it would take at least five years for complete normalcy to return.
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    Can you explain what infrastructure has been severely damaged to return to normalcy that would take five years?

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    The roads and dams have been severely damaged. The complete re-construction would definitely take 5 years.
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    Nice, good to know. I have a very close friend who has now shifted to another country, but her parents are still living in Kerala. When I saw the pictures of disaster, I was really sad. Those people hosted me and my mother back in 2014.
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    One of my online friend is from kerala and she says she was safe during flood. As per her kerala is recovering from the flood now and it will take time to come out of the disaster.

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    Only Roads and Dams. It will be repaired and made good within a few months. Keralites have the fund, time and energy to get back their old roads and Dams. There are no bad roads or leaking dams. There was no flash flood, only flood due to incessant rain.

    @ Affected ISCians from Kerala can throw more light on the prevailing conditions.

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    If the roads and dams are repaired within a few months, like all other India, I also would be very happy. But the extensive damage creates the doubt.
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