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    What is the Biggest - Happiest - Cruelest - Rarest in life?

    Kindly answer the following with detailed explanation.

    What is Biggest in life in this world?
    What is Happiest in life in this world?
    What is Cruelest in life in this world?
    What is Rarest in life in this world?
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    A mammoth interogative from the experienced member. Apparently difficult to answer but let us try and give our understanding of the things asked for.

    I will put the biggest thing as having a sound and robust health as without it we are immobile in all phases of our life. Good health is a boon and a great gift of nature to us. We must respect it and do not spoil it with our unnecessary indulgences.

    Regarding the happiest thing I believe it is the love and affection of our family. When you come back to your home you get a warmth and affection which makes you fresh and lively, however tired you may be. We must preserve this atmosphere in our homes. It is our lifeline.

    The cruelest thing is punishing an innocent. We do not have any right to kill an animal or human being just because we thought to do so. Life is a precious thing and we must respect the life of others as we do for our own life.

    Regarding the rarest thing I feel that it is meeting your childhood friend at some place where you are just visiting as a traveller or tourist and suddenly face him and recognise and give him a hug.

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    The Biggest: A peaceful life without any problems.
    The Happiest: Achieving the goal.
    The Cruelest: Taking away food from a person who is very hungry and about to eat.
    The Rarest: Winning the first prize in a lottery where huge money is involved.
    The above are my choices.

    always confident

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    As per my views, The Biggest - having a child of your own. The Happiest - Making your Parents proud. The Cruelest - not helping a friend in need, cutting all ties, being selfish. The Rarest - To be born with some superpower.
    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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