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    His mother says " hang him.. but don't attack others".

    This is what a mother of a rapist appealed to the public. As we all know her son raped a girl of 14 months. It is a case of Gujarat and this boy is from Bihar. In retaliation the public of Gujarat started attacking on the migrants from UP and Bihar. The situation has become worst in few days as many of the families are leaving Gujarat for this reason.

    Now her mother has appealed that don't attack people, hang him if he is found guilty. She says to a media person that don't drive out biharis from the state just for her son's deed. She says her son is minor and mentally not well. She has studied till 5th standard. Few years back he went to Gujarat with his friends to earn money without informing his parents.

    This is very sad that 14 months girl was raped by this boy. But is it the right behaviour of mob that they are attacking people of bihar just because of this person's crime. How can we do this? All people are not same, all biharis are not same. What's your thoughts on it.
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    It is not wise to punish the whole sect for a crime committed by a single individual. The insane boy's mother is right to plead to hang his son and not to punish the entire Biharis living in Gujarat. Attacking or driving away the Biharis from Gujarat would be a severe crime committed by the Gujaratis than the rape committed by the Bihar's insane boy. All Biharis are not rapists in Gujarat.

    @ Modiji should direct the Gujarat government to protect the Biharis of Gujarat.

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    Absolutely and Gujarat may face the Labour crisis as most of the biharis are employed in the manufacturing units or are daily wage workers so in that case the labour cost will increase and the state may be affected more by this.

    This should be understood by the people that driving them away from their state doesn't mean that this crime will stop. Its not necessary that biharis does this crime. Doing such thing they are digging their own grave.


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    It's not justified to attack the migrants for a heinous crime perpetrated by an individual. The people from UP, Bihar and MP went to Gujarat for job and many of them are staying there for decades. Now an individual from Bihar is alleged to be the perpetrator of the horrific crime and is nabbed by police , but the local people of the state are indulging in hate crimes by attacking the people of other states.

    According to NCRB data of 2016, in Gujarat there were 986 rapes during the year 2016 and the study says more than 50% of the rape victims are below 18 years. Though Gujarat is known to be a safer place for women, but the recent attacks are hampering the image of the state which is famous for its industrial progress.

    The state government has appealed to the migrants to return to Gujarat and more than 400 local people have been arrested for attacking migrants. The appeal of the mother of the accused is quite logical and the law enforcing agencies must act proactively to stop the exodus.


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    The rapist must be given maximum punishment. At the same time, punishment must be given to the politician who has instigated violence.
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    In this serious thread, I would like to add some fun to feel. Has the mother said "Hang him, not attack others" (or)"Hang him not, attack others." A single comma out of the place makes a great difference.
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    Yes it makes lots of difference when we put comma on different place. Whole meaning of the sentence changes with the usage of comma.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    The mother of the culprit has given a commendable statement.

    It is really unfortunate that for the fault of a person all others are being punished. These things are sometimes instigated by some political people also. This type of situation is not healthy for our national integrity so the people who are accelerating such instigations should be booked and punished by the law enforcement agencies.

    It is not that such things are happening in only in Gujarat, in fact they are happening all across the country. It is basically how the citizens of that place react to these things - simply with a rage and anger or with balanced mind.

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    100% correct. We should appreciate the mother of the culprit. Many people say an erring person may be left free but an innocent person should never be punished. This is the first and important principle one should follow.
    What is the crime the migrants have done? why they should suffer for the misdeed of a person. Many Gujaratis might have been settled in other states. If the locals of that place attack these Gujaratis, what will happen?
    A boy has committed a mistake. Let him be punished or punish him. But don't do a crime on the people who are not involved to take the revenge. It is never acceptable and should not be tolerated.

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    Dr, Rao, Yes it should be stopped. But its very tough to stop mob, people normally in such cases don't use their mind but do what others want them to do.

    They should understand if its not stopped many innocents will get punished.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    This is not the retaliation of public of Gujarat but all the way motivated by the political moves & the videos clearly shows that it's the Congress party which is responsible for the disharmony in the region & within the state. Suppose that if the Gujrati people in the respective states also asked to leave in response of the same than what will happen? The problem is that the politicians like the Alpesh Thakur, will continue to disharmonies the situation but still knowing this truth he possibly again be voted during the election time.

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    Ved prakash, if it is so then Congress is trying hard to come in existence but the way they have chosen is not they should.

    Often people get influenced by these politician by getting money from them but they forget they can be caught and can be severely punished for the same. Politicians are rarely held responsible for such riots and they don't do anything for the people who are caught by police for such nuisance.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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