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    Other than the social media there are some funny yet logical messages displayed in T-shirts too

    We all read popular quotations and interesting messages almost regularly. We receive them through different messaging apps and emails, read them in social media and even many interesting quotes are advertised in public places. All of these popular quotes have significant inner meanings and are used in different contexts. We also use them in our writings to make certain presentations noteworthy. It's a unique way to use popular quotes to spread awareness.

    At times we see messages in T-shirts too that are very funny and comes with pictures. Apparently those funny quotes seem to be devoid of any inner meaning, but they are interesting too and sometimes quite logical. Today, while travelling in a public transport I found a guy wearing a T-shirt that says 'I am not you'. At the first place it may seem funny, but it's very logical. Few months earlier I have seen another one printed on the back of the T-shirt. The message was 'All is well, if you are not going to hell'. Well, the inner meaning of that message is quite clear. Members, have you noticed any funny and interesting quotes anywhere, other than the social media that triggered your mind to think further? Please share the stories.
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    I am an absent-minded person. I have seen many such quotes printed on the T-shirts, especially of young girls and ladies. I am not able to recollect even a single one. To respond to your thread, I will spare some of my time to look for good T-shirts with wonderful write-ups.
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    Yes many times and one such message was "conserve water and drink beer" another one " I am not for you". These are funny sometimes but you can't laugh at someone's face.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    There has been a trend of putting interesting quotes and lines on the T shirts. Sometimes there are funny cartoons also.

    Earlier they were more popular with the children but now even adults wear them with pride.

    These are the changing facades of fashion and time to time emerge for a change from monotous wearing.

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    Yes. These days we see different quotes on T-shirts of youth. Some are very interesting and some make no sense. They are not being given attention by many people. I am also a person, who never sees such quotes on dresses. Even on the backs of lorries and autos, we will find quotes like this.
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    I am not going to talk about T-shirts. Once I saw a peculiar trouser. One part of it was blue and another part was green. And the message was written at the back: "Please kick me". I somehow resisted myself to accede to the request of the person who was wearing that trouser.
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    My friend got detained at Dubai international airport by wearing a T shirt with symbol of skull in front and back (symbol of danger).Security personnel forced him to change the shirt and released him and advised him the importance of dress code.

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    I had seen one funny icon on a T shirt (white coloured). I had a face of a Cat, who was looking like a grumpy one is the picture. And to make it funnier, the tag line was "See you Never", and soon was strikethrough.
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    To speak about me, My good old Padmini has the following phrase written on her back. "Our soul doesn't belong to us, it belongs to our home and nation." It is a cautionary warning to others who follow her. Many people saw this phrase and appreciated the words that tell the fact.
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