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    Why it is only Odissa, AP and TN, Why not Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala?

    Since my childhood, I am hearing the word cyclone connected with the states Odisha, AP and TN only. I never heard Cyclone hitting Gujarat or Maharashtra or Goa or Karnataka or Kerala.

    The most affectionate state to Mr. Cyclone is Odisha as I witnessed in my life.
    Why this is so?

    @ Tomorrow, Thursday, the 11th October will be a day to remember by the state of Odhissa & AP as Titli is going to attack Odhissa and Andhra coast. A red alert has been sounded by IMD in the states of Odhissa, AP and WB.
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    The cyclonic weather is attributed to the southern parts of India because of few reasons.
    The southern region of India lies under the tropical zone so it is more prone to tropical storms. In India there are 13 coastal states and union territories and among them 4 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu on the east coast are vulnerable to tropical cyclones because of geographical reasons. Gujarat is another state on the west coast that is also prone to tropical cyclones.

    Now the cyclonic condition is boosted from warm ocean/sea water and the coastal regions are always affected because it is near to the ocean/sea. The Bay of Bengal forms the east coast whereas the Arabian Sea forms the west coast and it is found that the east coast is more prone to cyclones than the west coast because the Bay of Bengal is much warmer than the Arabian Sea. The warmer the water, the more it will help to form the cyclonic condition.


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    There are many reasons for this. To mention a few are:
    1. The cyclones that are developing in the Arabian sea will be moving more away from India. So India will never feel this effect.
    2. The effect of the Pacific ocean is more on the Bay of Bengal than on the Arabian sea.
    3. The hardness of water in the Arabian sea is higher than that of the Bay of Bengal. It is easy to heat and evaporate low hardness water.
    4. The water temperature is one of the reasons for the origin of cyclones. The temperature of water in the Bay of Bengal is always higher than the Arabian Sea.
    5. The cyclones developed in the Bay of Bengal will be more severe as they have the impact of the Pacific ocean. But the cyclones in the Arabian sea will never have any added effects from other oceans.
    That is why the Cyclones are more in the Bay of Bengal. Consequently, the East Coast will have severe effects.

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