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    Remove E from ego and go on.

    One can have confidence but not ego. Confidence is very healthy. But ego is never healthy. It will spoil our progress.
    Many say "Too much ego will kill our talent".
    One should not allow ego to lead us. It may lead us in the wrong direction. Finally, it may ruin us.
    Ego spoils a person in many ways. It may spoil our prospectus in the career. It may make us alone in our life. Ego will make us more stressed and we will become very critical. It will make us greedy and may take us away from happiness.
    So forget 'E' in EGO and go on with enthusiasm for progress.
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    An excellent and useful thread. Ego is a barrier to the individual progress. Only if we delete the 'e', we can go forward, i.e., we can progress.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I had a huge ego, few years back and I used to dream about getting all successful, to show off my success to people, who left me in the time of misery and hardship. I wanted to satisfy my ego, as it was me who used to feel let down. Slowly and steadily I realized, it was harming me. I was the one who was remembering my past, recalling bad incidents and making a happy productive day, a bad one. I must focus on my work, on my job, but all I was doing was ignoring what was the actual goal in life. My purpose should have been to be happy and be in a position, so that if someone needs help, I can be there for them.
    I had no guide, no friend for couple of years. I was my only judge, and I decided its time to let go this Ego. After all I love myself too much, and I know I am lucky.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    A thought provoking thread. Everyone has got some amount of ego. It is an inherent trait in us. Some people have it more while some have it minimal.

    Ego is not a healthy thing. It makes a person unnecessarily proud and shrewd. One has to shed ones ego if life is to be made cordial and happy.

    Knowledge is power.

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