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    Are education policy makers really framing policies according to the current needs?

    The requirement to change the education system and revamping it according to the current need is a major challenge in front of the policy makers. This really needs an integrated effort in order to finalize the policies which could make our students learned as well as skilled so that they could get better opportunities and become successful in their respective lives. Therefore this question definitely arises in regards to framing education policies: Are education policy makers really framing policies according to the current needs?
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    There is a lot of gap between the requirement and availability. These days education systems are producing people with degree certificates but not the people with required skills which are very useful for the present day society.
    The students after completing their basic degree, they have to acquire additional skills by doing additional diploma courses or certificate courses.
    The curriculum is to be planned in a way that the student going out from the college should be able to walk into the industry and able to show his merits there. But this is not happening. The policymakers in the education department should think about the void between available and required skills.
    The government should see this problem and approach the same and solve usefully.

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    Dr Rao, I completely agree, infact I have the same views. I have seen many students completing their degrees, and when you ask them, do they have the skills to be in companies, they always answer, they will do some certifications afterwards or in their final semester. I can relate to this, as my Brother is now in his Graduation course, and I know whatever he is studying isn't going to help him.
    He needs to have something extra. And this confirms, that there is a gap in current and expected.
    Education reforms are not taking account of current problems students face.

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    The education policymakers are very well aware of the needs of the industry and they are making policy changes from time to time depending upon the current trend in the industry. The curriculum is designed to suit the need of the industry as well as providing necessary skills to the students to get absorbed in suitable jobs after their studies. In the Technical Education Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, the curriculum is revised every five years in consultation with the industry and the faculty members.
    The education policymakers are experts in their respective fields and know better than us. They know their job and doing according to the needs of the country. The number of diversified courses started in the recent past in various branches of education is a testimony to the changes in the education policy. A sweeping statement that much is needed to reform the education policies is to suit the present needs is far from reality. The student is imparted basic knowledge in any subject for which he studies. The industry provides training in specialized skills unique to that industry after absorbing him in the industry. Specialized skills are not common to all the industries. They vary from industry to industry. It is only appropriate that training to develop such skills may be provided by the industry.
    The education policies depend on many other factors. In our country, more than 80% of the students coming out with degrees require immediate employment for making a living for themselves. It becomes difficult for them to research-oriented programmes. The lucky few who can afford it, generally go abroad to do such programmes.
    I personally feel there is nothing much wrong with the educational policies in our country. A better implementation is only needed to improve the quality of education.

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    There is a huge scarcity of skilled professionals in India. May it be engineering or medical field, there is no dearth of colleges in India which will give you admission even if you have scored 40% percent marks that too without checking whether you are really interested in working in that field. These colleges mostly depend on donations and are more like those mines which produce lakhs of engineers and doctors each year who may not have the required skill but they do have the required degree.

    When these professionals start doing jobs, they are unable to bring the expertise needed in these jobs. The number of jobs created each year is much less than the number of engineers and doctors produced by colleges each year.

    India needs radical changes in the education sector and needs to find some replacement for the IT industry which is losing its charm lately.

    India should start exploring in manufacturing and renewable energy sector and try to create employment in those sectors. This will be helpful not only for the nation but also for the lakhs of unemployed youth.

    The renewable energy sector in India has a huge potential to provide employment to lakhs of youth. Due to the huge dependence on fossil fuels and rising population and pollution levels, the renewable energy sector of India has huge scope.

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    Lack of skills in educated and degree holders has become a matter of serious concern and the education policy makers are already working on it but so far no concrete solution is on the anvil.

    On one side we have a large number of unemployed highly qualified people and on the other side the industry is complaining of shortage of skilled manpower. This is a amusing paradox created in our system and the overall growth potential is diminished considerably.

    Policy makers have to burn their midnight lamps and collectively find out some solution for drastic changes in our education system, syllabus and quality of teachers. All these are the essential ingredients of a sturdy and robust educational system which can prepare our youngsters not only for a job in a company but they should be self sufficient in making their place in the industry.

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