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    Patience is the key to solve many problems in our life

    Many times, I pondered over the effectiveness of this trait known as patience in our life and I always found that it is one of the greatest characteristics that we possess. Patience is the remedy for so many ailments.

    There are many people who are always in a hurry and also worry a lot on all things going around them. It does not do any good to them except increasing the stress level.

    I find that if we consider things with calm mind and patience, many times the answers to the problems come out of this. Patience is the key to solve many of the problems we are encountering in our lives now and then.

    What do you opine about this view?
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    If we are in a hurry and attempt the things without proper thought process, chances of going in a right direction are very remote. If we are in tension and try to complete the job fast we are sure that we will end up in a wrong side. But giving sufficient time to each problem and thinking a while about the problem may give us good answers to the problem. So patience always takes us in the right direction. If we have patience we can solve multiple problems at a time and we will get better answers. But sitting for long without any understanding about the problem may prove to be a disaster.
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    The author of the thread has rightly said that patience and calm mindset is the key to success. One need to learn the art of calmness and patience. You cannot win every situation but you can give time to that matter to get it settled on its own.
    I have experience of being calm and patience during my PhD study when my experiments were not satisfactory and problems had occurred during the entire course of experimentation as well as in coding stage or theoretical work. When my PhD study's experimental setup got major fault and I was like a frustrated and went into the depression mode and stressed but my guide has given me a advice to accept the situation and move on to improve on it rather than cursing my luck or situation. You need to work to improve it. No one will does work for you.
    This was the motivating part. I worked patiently for one month continuously and my setup went to run nicely and I got desired results after that.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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    Absolutely we should have patience in life and never should be impulsive in taking decisions or actions. The actions or decisions taken in haste can be harmful for us well as to others.

    Anger and stress are both harmful for us. Patience makes us healthier and avoid frustration we may have. Sometimes in our life we don't listen to others patiently and say what comes in our mind which may hurt someone.

    In most of the situation we should remain calm and think patiently and then react. Many of the problems can automatically be solved by this.


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    A nice thread by the author. To solve any problem we need to analyze it and for analyzing anything the state of the mind has to be calm. If we become angry then we will lose the presence of mind which is essential for reasoning things. Many a times the arguments start because of our impatience and we if we look back at those moments after a while, we can find out the importance of being calm and patient.

    In our daily life there are lots of examples where we shout at others without analyzing the situation in any way. For example, many people have the habit of shouting at the servants or vendors if they come a little late than the usual time. There may always be some valid reasons for this late but the unnecessary shouting at the beginning turns the atmosphere unfavorable for a proper discussion. So, we need to analyze every situation before making the decisions and for this patience is a must.


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    Repeating words or arguing or defending or explaining against a word from others either on angry or argument will give no effect from either side. No angry person or shouting person will hear from you even though he or she is wrong . Remaining silent on such occasions will give peace in us and gives time to others for thinking whether his or her stand is correct. If we shouting or arguing our stand will get watery and our side will get damaged though we are correct.
    If this is from top then the result when we shout again will get damaged.

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    Sir, I competely agree. Few years back, I was so doomed and depressed. But by being depressed things do not work out. You have to be really patient with some things, like healing of wounds, they will take their time, they cannot be filled within a short span of day or two?
    Learning a new skill also takes time. It took me a long time to really frame my feelings into words. One thing I know for sure, when we really understand this key motive, rewards are unbelievable. There are gifts attached to this skill, if we know how to master it. At that time, I thought nothing is working out, but today it all makes sense.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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