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    Spread career related awareness when Children are just fourteen

    Parents have a very big role to perform. Most of their children, who are very bright, are often found totally inadequate when they need to choose good careers.

    Many follow the herd mentality. This becomes a bigger problem, if parents and teachers do not guide the children properly. One of the safest methods is to introduce children to the various careers and what is required for such careers, along with the details of the best institutions, even when the children cross the age of fourteen.

    This is exactly the age, when children become very competitive and are also distracted. Their inquisitiveness towards matters related to many things in life becomes huge. They start questioning everything. This is also the age when they should be told about various careers.

    Many intelligent parents are seen hand holding children at his age itself. This is the right thing to do. Once they become clear, we can easily guide them further. Any slip at this stage becomes dangerous, because they children are not sure of their careers and end up doing vague courses with no definite plan.
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    A proper guidance and hand-holding are really good for the students at that age. When the students are in their 9th class or 10th class, we should observe them and see in which subjects they are showing interest. If we provide additional support in those subjects, they will become better in that subject. At that age, if we let them know what are the various choices they will have in the career and we should also explain to them the pros and cons of each line. This will give a good understanding to them about the various options. If necessary we can take them to people who are in different careers and make them talk to our children which will be very helpful. This will be a good guiding path to the children in making a better choice and focussing their efforts in that particular line.
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