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    'Mai Aisa Kyun Hoon' (Why am I like this)?

    Yesterday the Managing Editor of ISC gave a proposal to extend the last date of the ongoing Double Reward Programme of article-writing on various correspondence courses. That is really a good proposal from the ME (which has now been accepted and the last date has been extended). This proposal would help the participating members of ISC and also the readers because they (the readers) would be able to know about many courses and the universities which conduct these courses through correspondence/distance learning. This is a 'win-win' situation for all.

    Despite realizing this very well, when I read the proposal of ME yesterday, I suddenly felt angry and disgusted. Why? Because I thought that this contest would distract me and I would not be able to write those articles I have been writing after a lot of studies and writing these articles is giving me an unexplainable pleasure. I also decided that I would not post any further article in the ongoing Double Reward Programme.

    But today afternoon, my mood has changed. I have completed one of those favourite articles (although, another four are yet to be written) of mine, and so, I have decided to submit another article in the Reward Programme.

    Now, I am asking myself: Why so much mood-swing? 'Mai Aisa Kyun Hoon' (Why am I like this)?

    (N.B: I must clarify that this is not related to ISC. This is purely a personal issue.)
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    I understand. Sometimes it happens to me. Very often my mood gets changed. I think something and wait for sometime. After some time my mood will get changed and I will do something different than what I thought.
    Sometime I will make a call to someone, If he is not responding I will feel bad and I think I will not call him again. But after a little time, I will just lift my phone and call him again.
    I don't know what is the reason for this attitude. Maybe our mind may be working on that issue without any indication to us and during that thought process, the decisions taken will be getting changed. In many cases, I observed this. I will get angry on somebody immediately but after some time, I start repenting.

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    Dear Partha,
    Kyon Ki, ISC Bahut Achcha Hai, Aur Sachcha Bi.
    We all love ISC and perform with devotion and dedication, despite any odd.

    No life without Sun

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    Mood swing is an inherent trait of the humans and it will always be controlling and changing our decisions time to time.

    The conciousness and cognitive actions are always going on in our mind in the background even though we may be focussing on a particular issue.

    These perturbations will change our actions in a zig-zag way oscillating between this and that. It is only after some time lapse and calmness of the mind that we will be finally deciding something to be done as priority.

    The working of our mind is really mysterious and it is difficult to decipher it even for the expert psychologists and psychoanalysts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    You are not alone. Many of us are like this and it is very difficult to pinpoint any particular reason for this sudden change.

    May be people who thinks a lot, sometimes become confused about that particular thought and wants to jump out of it to another thought. This sudden change in thought may lead to mood swing .

    Another reason may be, people who are less tolerant, at times find things are not going in their way, so they want to change the direction for better result.

    Check whether any of the above two matches with your situation.

    There are many other things too that leads to these behavior, but this frequent mood swings may hamper our daily works so we must try to analyze the cause and find ways to get out of it.


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