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    Classroom lecture on India Study Channel

    Topic - India Study Channel

    Good morning to all.
    You all might wonder who I am, and why I am here. My name is Sun, I am a guest lecturer, a good friend of your School's Headmaster.

    Yesterday, when I called on your HM, after a long gap of 10 years, he asked me what I was doing and I said that I am retired from the government service and is busy with ISC. ISC means India Study Channel. He wanted to know ISC in detail. When I explained it to him for an hour, he was overwhelmed with joy and happiness, and requested me to take a class on ISC to the Eleventh Standard students, to get benefitted by ISC. I agreed, and this surprising session was allotted to me by your HM. When he allotted only one session to me for the lecture, I requested two sessions to complete my lecture to the satisfaction of the students. He agreed. I hope, you all will enjoy and understand my lecture on the topic India Study Channel, in short, we call it as ISC. This will be a very friendly lecture. No need to panic or worry about questions and answers. But be attentive and listen to me very carefully. My lecture will benefit you a lot in future.

    Okay. Let me start now. You all must be aware of the Internet. Through the Internet, we learn many things in the world by sitting in one place with a computer or laptop or even a smartphone with such a facility. I have seen students using the net facility to view films, to see videos and listen to songs, and they waste their time for nothing to benefit. Facebook is one such thing which is not beneficial to students. Facebook is not at all beneficial to the student community and is a waste of time in posting images and photos.

    (In between, a question is posed –"In this class, Who are the students using the internet at home and for what are they using? Many responded with 'Facebook' and very few said for getting various information. One student said that her mother uses the internet to get the recipes.)

    Now let us come back to our topic 'India Study Channel'. In the Internet world or Web world, there are many websites. Most of the websites are of general purpose and we can learn something but we cannot earn anything. We can post questions and get the answers. But the Web site India study which I am talking about is purely an educational portal where we can learn a lot and earn a good sum too. You may ask how. You will come to know during the course of my lecture.

    Now you all know that India Study Channel is an Educational Institution in the Web world where we can learn and also earn. This channel will help us to enhance our wisdom and knowledge, improve and develop our English writing skill to a great extent. This channel is very helpful for students to find various schools, colleges, universities, training centers, and courses. Also, this channel can provide useful old questions and answers to the students of various classes. Furthermore, it helps the jobless personnel to know the job vacancies available in India.

    For this, you need to register your name and become a member of ISC.

    Now you may ask about the fees to join this institution. Purely, it is a free educational site, and you need not pay any fees to get yourself registered as a member. What you need to do is – Get into and click on the Register box. You need to fill in your Username, password, and your e-mail ID. You will get a response code from ISC to your e-mail box. Fill in the code in the ISC registration box. That's all. Now you will be a proud member of ISC.

    After becoming a member of ISC, you need to know what to do. Let me explain it clearly.

    ISC has various sections to perform. The first and foremost section is Article section. If you are a profound writer and good at writing articles on any subject or topic, you can write and submit your articles in this section as per the ISC guidelines. You need to learn the use of HTML tags to submit your article.. As per the quality and quantity, you will get cash for this. This section helps to you improve and develop your writing skill and fetches you some good cash for your hard work.

    The other section is Ask Experts. In this section, you can ask questions to get answers from the experts, and you can also answer others questions if you are an expert to answer the question posted. This section too helps to earn some cash, but not like the article section where you are sure to earn some cash.

    The most interesting section is Forums. In the Forum section, you are free to post messages of any kind and involve in serious but friendly discussion with members present in that section. This section really helps us to improve and develop our discussing ability on various topics posted by members.

    You can also contribute to other sections like Jobs, Schools, and colleges, courses etc. provided you have the sources to get the right information. This will also fetch you some cash. You can also upload old question papers for the benefit of the student community.

    Now let us know how you progress at ISC. There is something known as points for your contribution. Each and every article you write for article section, each and every question or answer you post in Ask Expert section, every message, response and counter-response you post in forum section are awarded points for its quantity and quality. The valuable and worthy questions, answers, forum messages, and responses get cash credits. Why I say cash credit is – You won't get cash in hand immediately. All your cash earned will be accumulated and credited to your ISC account and paid when you reach a limit. The initial limit is Rs.300, and the subsequent limit is Rs.600 or 700. At times, for a good forum post or response, ISC might award Rs.1/- as a cash credit. It is worth to get it. You should remember that small drops make an ocean. Hope you know this proverb.

    In addition, you have the chances to share some sum known as Google Adsense Revenue. This is in dollars. You will know it better when you join ISC.

    At ISC, the members get promoted according to their earning of points. The promotion level is – When you join, you are Bronze, After scoring 100 points, you are elevated to silver, after 1000, to gold, after 10000, to diamond, and after 50000, you will be a platinum member.

    ISC also conducts competitions for its members. Frequent contests like quiz and puzzles, story writing, active group discussions are conducted regularly and cash prizes awarded to the winners. The cash awards will be in hundreds. Also, ISC selects members for awards for their best contributions.

    Further, there is a revenue share bonus awarded to members who make a good score of points and remain on top twenty scorers in a month. This would be a good earning for the regular members who score well.
    {Now I show a screenshot of all ISC pages (section vise)to the students}

    Dear students,
    After passing your Eleventh standard examination, just get into India Study Channel, and spend a few hours to know the site practically. Go section by section and understand the working of that section. There is an FAQ(Frequently Asked Question) section which will help you to understand and perform well.

    Initially, ISC may not be interesting to work. But once you understand its working principle, you will love it and will not leave the site forever. You would become an addict to ISC.

    When you have any doubt, query or problem post a message in Forum section. All the editors and members will help you out.

    The Slogan for ISC is – Learn to Earn & Earn to Learn.
    I sincerely hope that this lecture on ISC will help you to benefit through ISC.
    All the best. Any question from your side?

    (One student asks – Sir, Who is the leader of ISC?
    Good Question. There is no Leader. The site is owned by three brothers from Kerala. They are known as the Web Masters of ISC. Mr. Tony John who looks after the operations, Mr.Jose Mathew the Administration, and Timmy John the finance and payments. In addition, ISC has a Managing Editor Ms. Vandana who take charge and control the ISC working effectively and efficiently. There are more than 20 editors managing the site.
    Any other question? (All shake their heads to their left and right)

    Okay. Thank you all. Let me ask you one simple question. What is ISC?
    (The whole class responses loudly with one voice "INDIA STUDY CHANNEL, Sir")

    Note: This lecture on Indiastudychannel is dedicated to all the three ISC's Web Masters Tony, Jose and Timmy.

    @This is my entry for the Classroom lecture contest.
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    Very interesting and nicely presented. Selecting ISC itself for the subject is a novel idea.

    This lecture will also be useful to the new members joining ISC.

    Knowledge is power.

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    1. The idea of a classroom lecture on ISC is very novel. I appreciate it.
    2. The ISC may like to consider to pin this thread because this thread presents the working of the site in a precise and concise manner. This is a suggestion.
    3. The author has given the brief summary of important sections/sub-sections. However, he has left one important sub-section, i.e., My India sub-section, untouched. This sub-section gives important information about various districts, towns and talukas, which definitely helps job-aspirants and visitors. Of course, this sub-section needs more participation from members.

    I congratulate the author for this brilliant and informative lecture on ISC.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I almost covered everything. Since I was allotted only two sessions to cover the entire ISC, I was compelled to omit such sections like My India, Social Hub etc. ISC is a vast sea that cannot be accommodated in a nutshell. I have said that the students will understand about ISC better when they practically work at ISC.

    VMT for your appreciative comment.

    No life without Sun

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