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    Humanity on birds during very hot summer

    Please keep some water water
    Animals and thirsty Birds need you help, please keep a bowl of water on your terrace or balcony. Please Share this to all your friends and save birds because the sky will not look as pretty without them. (small bird sipping from a plastic cup during scorching summer)
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    It is the duty of everyone to take care of birds in summer. We keep a bowl of water on the compound wall to help the birds. They need our care and concern for them. The author has given a very good suggestion which is to be followed by all.
    In the Kolleru lake in Andhra Pradesh, the Government has constructed a huge earthen bund and separated a part of the lake for the sake of birds. The separated part is full of water throughout the year. The once migratory birds like pelicans and starks made it their permanent home. The huge water spread provides them with fish and other food items and water for them. Breeding platforms are also constructed so that they can lay the eggs and hatch them.

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    Yes its our responsibility to keep a water bowl on the roof so that these birds may drink it when are thirsty. I have seen many people keep bird bath too where the water flows and recycles where the birds may take bath and can feel cool during summer. As these innocent creatures don't have a place to hide themselves in hot weather so its our responsibility to make them feel good.

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    Many animal lovers do it. Helping the birds and other animals during the tough summer times.

    Some people do it out of the religious thinking also.

    Whatever it may be, helping the thirsty animals is a noble job. We must associate ourselves in such gestures. In fact, doing such deeds gives a satisfaction also that we are doing something good.

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    We have this practice in our house. My wife everyday morning in summer keeps a plastic bowl. Sometimes when the Sun is very severe the water will be getting exhausted by afternoon and again she fills it. As human beings if we are thirsty we can ask somebody for water but birds can't.
    Helping these birds and animals for their survival is a good gesture and all of us do the same thing and see that birds and animals are protected.

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    Well, me and my brother were very active in recycling stuff, and we made a small water swing for birds, and tied it in my balcony. For few weeks no one noticed (I mean birds), it made me sad. I thought its better remove it, as it is solving no purpose. One day, after sending my brother to college, I went to balcony, to decide if I will be needing jacket for morning walk, I saw a small group of birds, sitting in it and chirping.
    They were really liking the swing and enjoyed it everyday. I filled it with water and even today, it serves the purpose.
    My city is not that hot, but I love I could make something for this beautiful creature.

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