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    Regarding ask expert answer

    Editors of Ask Experts,

    I have asked a question regarding PPF amount withdrawal when one deposit in 14th year or last year. Will I be able to withdraw all the amount after 15 years from account opening or some rule to be followed for fresh investment installment like Rs 5000?

    The point to be noted here is that in this question, no member has given the satisfactory answer to my concern of withdrawing of money.

    I could have posted this message in the same question thread but it is not as per the rule by ISC. So, I preferred to raise a thread on it.

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    I think I mentioned that you can withdraw your full amount after its maturity that is of 15 years.

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    Dr. Paresh,
    We are checking it out.

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    Dr. Paresh,

    Those who responded did mention about the rule applicable for withdrawal. I do not have financial knowledge of this, but, as per my understanding, if you put in 5k in the 14th year and wish to withdraw only that 5k, I think you would be allowed to do so if you have not made any withdrawal during that same fiscal year. That is, the responses imply that although you cannot withdraw more than 50%, if it is less than that, it is possible to do so. Please confirm this with the Bank where you have a PPF account and let us know, too, so that others will also benefit with the information.

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    I will like to add here that the lock in period of PPF account under the scheme is for 15 years. So within that period you can withdraw the partial amount given in the standard PPF table of withdrawal in various sites.

    Once the initial period of 15 years is complete you can withdraw all the amount including interest. It is very clear but not specifically mentioned in our answers. If you have a doubt, to be doubly sure, you can confirm it from the Bank/ Post Office where your PPF account is standing.

    As this is a very good scheme and people want to stay invested in it, the Govt has given a facility of renewing this account for a further period in multiple of 5 years. There are people who have invested in this scheme even for a period of 30 years ( 15 + 5 + 5 + 5). It means they had started depositing in it since the year 1988 or around that. There is no mention about the end of scheme anywhere and it appears that you can remain invested as long as you want.

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    I did not notice the question. However, it is clarified that the PPF Account is initially for 15 years. So, after 15 years from the opening of the PPF Account, the subscriber can withdraw the entire accumulated amount (Contribution+Interest), no matter when he/she paid a particular contribution.

    But if the subscriber opts for continuing the account for another block of 5 years, he won't be able to withdraw the latest contributions. This has been explained by Mr. Umesh in his response #650757.

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