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    Night traffic movement should be restricted in wildlife reserves

    There is a concern about the environment everywhere around the world and we see new initiatives by the government to tackle the issue of climate change. The global mean temperature is on the rise and within the next few years there will be more natural disasters which is a cause of worry. Along with the humans, the wildlife will also be affected in a large way and initiatives must be taken to protect the wildlife too.

    There are many wildlife reserves across the country that protects some endangered species and proper care for these reserves is a must so that the endangered species do not face extinction. Recently, the Chief Minister of Karnataka proposed to ban the traffic movement at night in all wildlife reserves throughout the state. In Karnataka alone, 28 out of 151 state highways and 9 out of 15 national highways pass through different reserves. The suggestion came after one elephant was killed by a speeding bus at Nagarhole National Park. There is a ban on night traffic movement from 9 PM to 6 AM in Bandipur because of the Bandipur reserve and the ban is upheld by the Karnataka High Court also. It is a serious issue and all other states having wildlife reserves may think of effecting a ban in the night traffic movement in those areas.
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    We should see that endangered spices will not disappear. The governments are taking some initiatives to protect them. It is good that the Karnataka government has banned night movement in wildlife reserves. In AP also in some areas these restrictions are there. It will be good if the same is extended to other areas also.
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    It is good that government is taking measures to protect endangered species but they should check an option for the traffic too so that people also may not suffer.

    Its hard for banning the traffic on so many highways, they should come out with some other better options.


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