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    Why Mr Mohan is absent in the forum section?

    The first person to be seen in the forum section early in the morning is Mr. Mohan. These days he is not be seen with his responses. He is one of the few persons who respond to all the threads in the forum section. I wish to see him very much in the forum section as soon as possible. I think he may be busy with personal work.
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    Most probably, Mr. Mohan was suspended from ISC for a few days (along with me) at the beginning of October, 2018. Later he has been boycotting ISC. I appeal for his return.
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    Mr. Partha, you may have been suspended from the ISC at regular intervals but not Mr. Mohan. I think Mohan may be otherwise busy or angry with the ISC. I request Mohan to take his usual lead role in the forum section.


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    Why was Mohan suspended? Did he break any rule here?

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    I think whether I deserve to be suspended, or not is required to be decided by the ISC management.

    Here we are discussing the absence of Mr Mohan. There is no doubt that Mr Mohan's absence is felt.

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    I agree with KVRR, some people deserve to be suspended. And there is no harm discussing their suspension because they brought it out themselves. Thereby, making it appropriate to comment on it.

    Mohan's suspension might be for a longer duration. His post was on a forum editor, asking for his ouster. And the other member who got suspended egged him on, with his comment. In this case, I support both the suspensions.

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    When yesterday after a break of 100 days I login to ISC and open the forum in the first place, I too have the same feeling.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I don't think he is suspended. He might have felt bad for getting his thread locked for no reason and he is keeping away himself from ISC. I request him to start his journey on this site again
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    Sorry. His thread is not locked. It is deleted.
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    I don't think the decision regarding the suspension of any member/members is affected/influenced by the opinion (supporting/opposing) of any other ordinary member.

    I feel that Mr. Mohan is no longer under suspension. I request him to return to this site.

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    #650495 - We are not discussing who can influence the suspensions of members. We, the members are giving our opinion on the suspensions, and agreeing with the action taken.

    Not long ago, I had posted a thread, here is the link. You know the outcome, I would think that my post influenced the suspension that followed.

    Coming to Mohan. I do not think he is staying away, by choice.

    Leadership is having a compelling vision, a comprehensive plan, relentless implementation, and talented people working together - Alan Mulally

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    Although we are just moving around to our own perceptions but the actual could only be clarified by the ISC itself but for whatsoever reasons I wish everything to get normalized in context to involvement & participation with Mr. Mohan & for rest of the members. There must be something which needs to be understood on both sides but due to certain reasons which we all might be aware of that this doesn't remains the possibilities of all the times & as a result the actions initiated on either sides which may go unfavorable on few of the occasions. But my request is to not to make it longer & therefore lets play it again.

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    What is the fact - An absence from ISC or a suspension by ISC? We have Mr. Aditya Mohan active at ISC. Let us know from him.
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    Person who is not suspended is not coming to the site by his own wish and no can compel someone to bring on the site. Its better to take him time to rethink hopefully he will come back as no one can break so long association in few minutes.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Mohan is a dedicated and devoted member of ISC. He is an addict to ISC. Even if ISC sends him through the main door, he would enter through the back door. In the past, many a time he announced to quit from ISC. But he could not do so because of his love and affection towards ISC and its members. Whether he is under suspension or willing absence, he will resume his work as expected by us.

    Let us not please him, let him please us.

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    This thread has attracted so many responses which the usual threads do not.

    The human curiosity is amazing thing. If a member and that also a prominent one is not seen around we start speculating and talking about it. This is one similar case.

    Though I did not notice his absence due to my sheer observancelessness but this thread made me to realize this fact and I was tempted to post my feelings.

    I hope he will be soon there contributing in the forum section as vibrantly as earlier.

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    I found Mr. Mohan's response in one of his own threads on October 3, in which he wished to bid goodbye to ISC saying his achievement is over. In that thread he criticized the editor in a very rude way for deleting his previous few threads. Whatever may be the reason, members should not cross the limits and must maintain the decency in the forum section. The editorial team is there to look into the quality of all the threads and also to see whether the guidelines of postings in each section are maintained. If there is any violation, the threads are locked or deleted and that should be the usual process and is maintained in the section.

    I am not sure whether Mr. Mohan is suspended or became unhappy, but from his response in a thread I think he is disgruntled. Let him take his own time to cool down and I feel he will be back soon.


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    Thank you for your curiosity and care everyone. Well my father was suspended for three day I assume. He couldn't log into ISC. He could log in on fourth day but by that time he felt anger and discontent towards ISC. So he did quit ISC for now. I don't know his future plans because he's quite unpredictable. I too would like to see him active one again.
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    Mohan is a member whose posts are mainly philosophical. He should understand that there is no use of showing our anger in a virtual world. Ultimately, the sufferer is the individual. It won't make any difference to ISC. Many are coming, and many are leaving. ISC won't regard its members whether senior or junior, platinum or bronze. The ZTP(The Zero Tolerance Policy) is applicable to all. Hence, it is for us to adjust and go with ISC. After all, What we lose! Nothing.

    Here, we should recollect Geeta's phrase - "What have we brought, to take it with us."

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