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    Scope for more parks everywhere

    One cannot admire the city of Bangalore. It is simply beautiful, if one goes by the number of parks everywhere.

    For instance, in the superb locality called HSR layout, I got to see two parks. (there could be more, but I do not know about that), Wide roads, and residential localities on either side of those roads. Shops that are there everywhere. Of course, one cannot find too many hotels in close proximity of each other, like in Chennai. But the locality is so huge and the open spaces are worth emulating by other cities.

    Why should we not have similar parks everywhere? Where there are hundreds of trees, and where the parks give one enough scope for a peaceful time, in absolute solitude. Do other cities have such parks? Why not have a rule to allow space for such parks in every new locality?
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    In the populated cities the parks are the lifeline of the people living around them. The seniors can have a walk and children can play there. That is also the best place for chit-chat with friends.

    Actually whenever a town is planned the town planners should earmark space for sufficient parks in it. These should be shown in the master plan and the builders should not be allowed to grab these land pieces for making multistoried apartments.

    If the authorities follow these things strictly then everywhere we should have good number of parks.

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    In Hyderabad also there are parks in almost all the colonies. In some colonies there are multiple parks also. The lay outs planned by the government in the early 90s, spaces for parks are identified and parks are developed. Many of these parks are used by people for morning walks and we see many senior citizens coming there for waling and also for meeting their friends there.
    Recently planned colonies are leaving very big areas for parks and swimming pools. It is very nice to have such parks which will be good for spending a little time happily.

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    The new places in the city are planned and while planning they keep in mind about the number of parks, community center and many more things. I live in a locality which is near laxmi Nagar in Delhi, its a very crowded place one can't imagine that there could be park but here in my locality we have two big parks and a wide road and where I used to live before in Delhi itself was a very congested place that there was no park at all. So it depends on how the planning a place was done.

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