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    The value of diamond has become zero.

    Recently I have read an article that a person from foreign land bought a diamond ring for his to be fiance from a businessman of India through e-mail and paid online and delivered to his land. After some days, when fiance valued the ring for the credibility(we may say dhosham) and found the diamond itself fraud and hence she broke the bond of marriage and hence he is upset and went for a trial in court. I do not know how far this article is true and got this doubt further clarified when I read comments section when a comment says, there is no coordination between the places and hence it might be a cooked up story.

    There is no correlation between the above story and my personal thing in ISC except the diamond and the value zero.

    In ISC I went up to diamond level and because of not sustaining contribution, my level went back to gold and with a break of 100 days of contribution my rank also went back to zero. So I got a doubt for how many days of breaks rank will reduce to zero?
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    I read this story somewhere. This is sad as this fellow spent money but in the end could not get the result.

    And for your value of diamond became zero because you could not earned 2500 points in 12 months. Read below link for more claeification:


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    Very interesting thread by the author relating the real life diamond to the membership level diamond in ISC.

    I do not think that your diamond level is turned to zero. It is only that due to lack of activity, it is in a condition of abeyance or hibernation and as soon as the activity is resumed you will come back to your rank.

    So it is only a question of persistent activity and moreover the basic membership is not nulled. This is what my understanding is about this and wanted to share here.

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    A real diamond will be always a diamond only.It may get covered up by dust due to keeping it in storage for long. Just take it out, clean it and it will be bright again. Same is the case with you also. Just start activity and again you will start shining. All the best to you.
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    Yes, anything is valuable only if possessed by right person. A blind person holding a diamond will think that as a small stone. Similar to this our life also. This human birth is very rare among the 84 lakhs of births and deaths. We got this as a diamond and should realize the value of this human birth as it is the only source to avail moksha which has no rebirth. All our earlier saints prayed the God only for that level. So we should use this diamond, human birth for availing moksha by doing prayers to our God and without doing any harm to anybody even by words.

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    I am sure, it is not easy to regain your lost Diamond easily. It would take years to get your hard earned Diamond in hand. You need to work hard day and night by burning the midnight oil. Anyway, Don't lose heart. All the best. If there is a will, there will be a way.

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    Welcome back. In real life Diamond or Gold, they have their own value. They are susceptible to variance in the market in terms of monetary value but they never lose their originality. Same is the case in ISC too.

    Coming to your query, your rank will be 'Zero' if you don't log in for a continuous period of 90 days. Since you have logged now , just recalculate your points and you would be assigned a rank on next Sunday itself. So, your position in ISC is for sure, once you re-start contributing!


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    Well, it happens with me all the time, and I am sure, this is because of the consistency policy at ISC, which is good too. So please make sure, you are here active and add your contribution. One thing, I learnt here, you just be consistent, and later on it really pays being disciplined.
    Keep up the good work.

    Iti Tyagi
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    Thank you members and @Jagdish for your information of 90 days.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Happy to see you back, Sarojha. We missed your unusual threads in our forum. Let's see you not only gaining back the sparkling Diamond shield, but also going ahead to acquire the gleaming Platinum one. Wishing you success towards that goal.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Welcome back Sarojha! You have interconnected the news about fake diamonds and your losing rank beautifully in your usual style with that special Sarojha stamp. Hope you will remain active here now.
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    The value of Diamond is zero only to those who don't know about Diamond. Rest assured that the members of ISC know the value of Sarojha Diamond!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Since we joined ISC, I had been addressing Sarohja,( then Saroja) as Saro. Because I have a cousin named Saroja, and I used to address her as Saro. In our childhood, I used to call her Sachcha.

    Member Sarohja never objected it. However, ISC has an objection and changed my Saro as Sarohja in my response #650511.

    Why ISC should object when the concerned member has no objection to her short name. In our family, (if you consider ISC as a family) why should there be an objection to address with short names?

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    Forum Editors do have the authority to take the requisite action when they see something not appropriate. Refer to this policy and kindly do not take this lovely thread off-track or start some new thread on the same old discussion.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    No life without Sun

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    A wonderful thread where two different news are beautifully linked. As the members have already clarified about the ranks there is nothing more to say about it, but the link up of these two stories reminded me an incident happened in my family long ago.

    I was having my dinner at a family function and in one of the vegetable dishes the vegetables were not fully cooked and it tasted like raw ones. At that time a news was doing the rounds where a man from a district of West Bengal used to have every vegetable raw after certain incidents in the family. Now after tasting that particular vegetable dish one of my uncles said it seems a relative of that man, who took raw vegetables, cooked the dish.


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    Thank you members for your wish and also an additional information which I missed via the link given by ME.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Your intrinsic potential will remain with you irrespective of your present grading from ISC.
    The diamond sometimes becomes priceless if there are no takers of the same precious stone even though originally is the expensive one. So is the case with the gold.
    It is only the time - factor responsible for the elevation of the values of metals but the humane -strength is beyond such comparisons. Your quality is your strength and you have justified your strength with your numerous informative articles. Your journey through ISC has been pleasurable one and hope you will enjoy the same phase.

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