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    Today is World Egg Day. Why not we discuss about Eggs on this lovely day.

    Today 12th October is World Egg Day. Most of us eat egg irrespective of vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is alleged that the egg contains the essential that is required for brain development and improving memory. It is low on cholesterol and high in protein. It has a high nutrient value. It is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E, K, B6, B12. It is an excellent food for growing children. This is also the best food for diabetics. 2 eggs per day is strongly recommended.

    Are you an egg lover and egg eater? Let us discuss eggs in detail with whatever knowledge you have on eggs, with an answer to the following.

    1. How many eggs do you eat in a day or week or month?
    2. Do you eat the yolk or throw it away? why?
    3. In what form you prefer to eat eggs (boiled - Half boiled - omelet - scrambled - toast - roast - any other form)
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    After my surgey, I wad advised to have a high dose of protein. I was a pure vegetarian and for me eating or I can say starting with egg was the easiest option. I am following my routine religiously and I can say it really helped me in my fitness.
    I only consume two egg whites everyday, and that too in boiled form.

    Iti Tyagi
    "Soar to Success"

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    I am an egg lover and egg eater, though I do not eat it regularly. If it is a boiled one then I take only one in a day, but in case of omelette it is generally prepared with two eggs and in that case I am eating two at a time. The nutritional value of egg is known to all and many countries around the world is celebrating this day in some unique ways.

    For example, Eggsellence Award was presented in Australia during the 1st week of October as a part of the celebration. In India there is a plan to distribute 3 million boiled eggs to different schools to create awareness about the benefits of its consumption. All members can also celebrate this special day at home by preparing their favorite egg recipes.


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    I like egg and eat as much as I can in a day. I am diabatic but didn't know that these are good for diabatic person. I don't throw away the yolk as I have heard that it contains more nutrients than the white part. This is when I eat boiled egg. Normally I like omelette sandwiched in bread slices.

    Its good for health to eat an egg daily but people stop them eating in summer as they say we should not eat them in summer. I don't why is it so? Do they really harm in hot conditions?


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    A good information provided by the author. Egg is one of the most common and rich food taken by many people especially in breakfast time. It has a good nutritional value and is also recommended for the children while they are growing.

    I was consuming eggs regularly in various forms like boiled, fry, egg curry, bhujiya etc but after the attack of Gout ( a disease making more uric acid in blood and creating complications), I was advised by the doctors to restrict the intake of protein.

    Subsequently, I reduced the consumption of many protein rich foods including eggs and now I take only 1-2 eggs per week generally in form of boiled eggs.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I sincerely obey the command: "Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao aande". I am a voracious egg-eater. Except for Saturday, I take at least two eggs (generally more) everyday. It is the cheapest way to get protein and good fat in our body.

    On the occasion of World Egg Day, I ask all egg-eaters to take more eggs during the oncoming winter session.

    Come as you are!

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