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    My heart goes out to caged Birds

    I recently went to one of the pet stores as I had to buy a ball for my neighbor's dog. There was a section in the store for birds only and their stuff. But as soon as I entered that area, my heart came to my mouth. There were so many birds in cages, and they all started chirping. As if they were asking me to buy them and free them. I just couldn't move for some time. I was confused, what to do. Can I buy all of them and free them? It would cost me too much.

    But I have decided to save few bucks and buy and free them on New Year Evening. I have already made a resolution for the upcoming year.
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    You want to free all of them ? Good thought. But it must have some practical glitches in application. Some of these caged birds might not be native hence they might get killed by cats or other predators. Most of these birds might have never experienced true flight. They were hatched and raised in a coop for whole life I guess. We could do one thing. Ask every friend of yours to keep one bird. This would reduce burden and responsibility. Then provide these new guests some ample room where they could learn flight and other behaviors. Just leaving them into open is inviting pain. You know what could be worse?
    If that bird is a native. That bird would then fly off and proliferate, competing and sometimes over throwing your sensitive local population of birds.
    Maybe I'm just thinking too much. I've been reading about invasive species a lot these days and some ideas imprint themselves in mind.

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    Many people keep cages birds and other animals for fun, enjoyment and hobby. The question comes whether as human beings is it a good act on our part to cage them and have fun. I feel it is a type of cruelty only to use the living beings in our drawing rooms.

    The caged bird and other small animals are a roaring business worldwide and people are minting money by trading some special type of birds and animals. These people do not bother for the animal rights. They simply are worried for their money from this lucrative business.

    At present there does not seem any solution to the problem as Aditya has rightly pointed out that we can not simply free them as there are the predators waiting in the open.

    A theoretical solution is may be a Govt ban on such indulgences but how far it will be successful and how far the citizens will cooperate is the another question mark.

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    Don't free them, they will not be able to survive. Even native birds cannot survive on their own when they are bred and reared for sale, as pets. They are not strong enough to fly and lack instinct and skills that come naturally to creatures born in the wild.

    They will not be able to ward off predators and will not be able to forage for food.

    There may also be some legal issue - every country has its own set of rules. You may be endangering them if they do not belong to that climatic zone. A tropical bird will not be able to survive a cold winter, in the wild.

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    Many people keep these birds in cages and see that will be growing in a proper way. It gives a lot of happiness to the people. They will not kill and do any harm to these birds. We find many houses with dogs as per animals. The owners will give them all the comforts and see that they will grow normally. After taking care of them for some time, if you leave them out they may not survive and they may not get adjusted to the environment.
    So I think it is not wise to free them after keeping them sometime in the cage. How they can survive after release is a big question mark?

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    I have not given this thought, this much time to ponder upon, and now it all make sense. I am glad you all replied and really helped me in making things logical. What I will be doing by taking your comments into consideration
    - I will first ask the person responsible for selling them, about the rules and regulations, in order to keep my actions in accordance to rules and regulations in this country.
    - I will also discuss with him, how soon and what needs to be done in order to teach these birds to fly again (if they were caged since birth)
    - Then after proper planning and consideration, I will free them after some time, means gap. So will buy one, nurture her, learn and free, and so on.
    I know it will be a long process, but this will make more sense and my efforts will go in correct directions.

    Iti Tyagi
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