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    Issue with the website section and calculations

    I wanted to send message to the Editors, seems like I do not have the option to do so yet. I am not sure if this is the policy or rights issue, and I tried searching in help topics too, but I couldn't find any link which can help me in understanding, how to send message to another ISC member, and if it gets blocked if you are not active.

    I see some calculation issue in the site, and being a developer and member of ISC I couldn't ignore it. In order to test, if this is a glitch and it can be rectified once I refresh the page (sometimes, you post and whole pages doesn't refresh so, points mismatch is obvious).
    But this issue remained existent. So I added the screenshot to show the exact issue to you.

    The top continutors for the day doesn't refreshes when contribution exceeds the top three of the day.
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    Your screenshot. Generally, It takes some time to get adjusted with the score points. It is not a serious concern.
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    Dear Iti,

    There is no glitch regarding the calculation of points and it takes a little time to see the changes in the points that you have scored. I have seen the screenshot where my name appears in No.3 in the list of Top Contributors of the day though your score is high at that particular instant when you posted the thread. Right now, your name is appearing in the third position in the list with 29 points. So it is not a case of worry and it is automatically refreshed within a certain time.

    To send messages to other members or editors, go to their profile page and you will find Click here to contact option just below the name of the member. If the link is not clickable or some other messages are shown in that place then I am sure editors will respond to this thread to clarify the issue.


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    I don't understand how it works but I am happy to see my name there in the list.

    I have a query which I am putting in this thread as I don't want to create a new thread for it.

    How do the system calculates the supretstars in a particular section?


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    Superstars depend on the number of points earned via responses in forum for the past 30 days, article section also number of points earned with answers for the last 30 days. In the article section it depends on the number of points earned via articles writing for the last 30 days.


    Now in ISC, there is a change in sending messaging system particularly to editors(some are locked) and hence member may make use of Gmail if it is really necessary. For other members messaging system works if you go through profile page of the member.

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    Iti Tyagi,

    Responses here are correct, that the points may not show up right away. About the messaging system - in case you are unable to send a message it is due to the privacy feature setting introduced by the Webmasters some years ago. Thus, for example, at my profile page, you will see "Email [Private]", whereas at your profile page it shows as "Email-Click here to contact".

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    Thank you all for the clarification. It makes sense now.
    Vandana, thank you for the privacy settings update.

    Iti Tyagi
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