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    Why expert writers don't participate in certain writing contests?

    You all know that ISC has its very talented English writers. I don't want to name them, but should be understood by all. They have vast knowledge and are very proficient in English with high vocabulary. They participate in other contests like Quiz and Puzzles and win. But they don't participate in article writing contests.

    What could be the reason for their non-participation? Is it due to their superior feeling or a fear of not winning the contest?
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    Well all the members i think of as proficient in English are participating so I don't really feel your pain here. I don't think Natarajan has participated in Article section lately and I haven't found him active at the site. I wish he returns. Others...I haven't found a noticable change.
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    May be they don't get much of the time to write articles as its time consuming to write articles on specific topics which one has to write in the contests of ISC.

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    Writing contests are related to creativity. And creativity is not a routine matter. I think whenever a creative idea strikes, every member of ISC puts down the idea in writing. So, every member can take part in creative contests as and when a relevant idea strikes.
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    Through your response, do you mean to say that the experts who are very good at English do not have any sense of creativity? When such members can respond to threads with lengthy responses, how can they lack creativity?

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    I meant to say that all members of ISC will start writing whenever they have the creative urge. That is not related to proficiency in English. But the creative urge is not a routine matter.
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    This thread raised my hackles by the mocking statement "Is it due to their superior feeling or a fear of not winning the contest?"

    ISC does not approve of mocking those with weak English and writing skills and, in fact, encourages all members to wholeheartedly participate in all forum discussions, activities and contests. Similarly, it is very discourteous and distasteful to taunt those with a good grasp of the language at their non-participation in creative writing contests. Never connect English skills with participation in contests. It is alright to analyse the fact that fewer members participate in a certain type of contest and more in others and try to gauge the reason (such as the contest not being interesting or having few prizes), but to bring up the matter of English "superiority" is really uncalled for. It is entirely the prerogative of a member to decide which contest to participate in.

    It is hoped such mocking threads are not raised again.

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