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    No Net connectivity for 48 hours - any confirmation on this?

    I just now saw this information on the Net, that there will be a possible shutdown of the Internet connections for about 48 hours and a whole lot of Net-related activities would be affected, including, possibly, online transactions.

    Will everyone around the world be affected? To be on the safe side, I think it would be good to send off urgent emails and complete any high priority online work which requires Net connectivity.

    The positive side: If we do go off e-space for a while, it would be a good thing in a way - we can enjoy offline activities, deal with tasks we have postponed and prepare articles for posting!
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    Oh that is shocking. No Internet means no life these days. I am not sure how the people going to live without Internet.

    In past we used to live without Internet but now without it, is it possible? Everything will stop.

    I have not checked it. May be its a fake news not sure though.


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    Internet has become bread and butter of life for many. We can never think of living without internet for few hours. Most of the things in life will come to a stand still. It won't be feasible to work off line. 48 hours is too much of a time to spare by the Netizens. It could be a fake news. It will be like the sun failing to rise for two days.
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    We do not know how authentic the news is and based on which reasons but if it happens it will be a digital disaster as people are depending on internet so much that life will be a blank and void during such shut off times.

    Let us wait and see whether it gets confirmation and support from some reliable quarters so that if so the people can take remedial measures especially sending important emails and other communications.

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    Since internet powers GPS and other such very important apps used in industries, a complete shut down of internet and it's related gadgets would be chaotic. Even for just 2 days. That would lead to a loss of property and asset. Worst part is I wouldn't be able to complete my articles in time if such chaos happens. Otherwise I'm pretty fine without internet for two days.
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    Mr. Gulshan Rai, National Cyber Security Coordinator clarified today that there will not be any internet shutdown in India. He said "All arrangements are in place and there will be no internet shutdown in India as is being circulated in the media."
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    This is official news. Not everyone will be affected, and if the ISPs we use like BSNL, Airtel, etc. are not up-to-date, then those users get affected.

    The official version states they are changing encryption keys. The unsaid part is that the few real powers-behind-the-scenes are tightening their grip on the net, to manipulate the masses to follow their way of thinking and not think differently; and to control opponents and the alternate media.

    Here is a short list of some recent happenings and info:
    1. Facebook owns Whatsapp and Instagram. Facebook wants the US banks to give them the bank customer info. Instagram wants to share your location with Facebook.
    2. Around 500 alternate media Facebook (those who don't swallow the main stream media garbage) accounts/pages are closed or deleted. Youtube, twitter also doing same.
    3. Russia is ready to operate on a totally separate internet, one that is not infused with the western global agenda promoters.
    4. Alternate media folks are aware that the CIA is directly involved with all the social networks including those from Microsoft and Google for the purposes of snooping on everyone. Remember Julian Assange and Snowden?
    5. All our bank and investments info is getting fed to some US agencies automatically.
    6. You cannot uninstall the Facebook app from your android mobiles. You can disable and hope it is disabled.
    7. New mobiles come with non-removable batteries so that the phone is always traceable (for both good and evil purposes).
    8. A whole bunch of apps that you installed have access to your contacts, messages, media folders, camera, microphone of your phone or computer, even when they have no reason for it.
    You can add more yourself if you read up news from alternate media.

    Welcome to the new and controlled internet of the New World Order!

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    Earlier the news of this shutdown was spread from a Russian portal that said because of routine maintenance of some important domain servers, users may be impacted throughout the world. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN), who is supposed to carry out the routine maintenance confirmed that the news of worldwide shutdown for 48 hours was a 'click bait' and there will be little impact on the users for this maintenance work.

    The work is going on for more than 20 hours and there are very few reports of outage which are suspected to be because of the ongoing maintenance. There will be no impact in India according to reports and all members can carry out their usual activities without a glitch. So, happy surfing.


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    Many experts have stated that in India the internet service will not be totally closed. They have further stated that such upgradation and repair work happen occasionally.
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    Now it has been proved that for most (if not all) of the Indian net-users, the alarm has been proved wrong.
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