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    A classroom lecture on different forms of pollution

    Dear students,
    We all hear about different types of pollution and its probable effect from different sources. But do you know how it is really affecting us? Today, I am going to discuss about pollution that is affecting our everyday life and the different ways to minimize the effect of pollution.

    Now, what is pollution? In simple terms, any impurity in the environment that negatively affects the natural habitat is known as pollution.
    In natural process, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide that is again inhaled by the trees and the trees exhale oxygen. It is a cyclic process and a balance between the oxygen and carbon dioxide is maintained. Suppose, if there is less amount of oxygen than that we all require, we won't be able to breathe properly. The shortage of oxygen means the increase in the level of carbon dioxide which is acting as a pollutant and affecting us badly. So, we should plant more trees and protect the existing ones as they are the main source of oxygen. All of you came here from your home by using a transport system. It may be a bus, train or personal car. In case of cars that are run on fuel, the engines emit different gases and compounds which contaminates the environment. The fuel engines emit carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, different lead compounds and also water vapor which are very harmful for our health. The electric engine of trains does not emit anything and hence does not cause air pollution. There are various emission norms throughout the world, which helps to lessen the amount of harmful emissions from cars and must be followed by all to protect the environment. Few manufacturers are coming up with electrically powered cars that will be the choice of many because they are not going to create pollution.

    Till now, we talked about air pollution only. But pollution is not limited to air. There is water pollution, noise pollution, chemical pollution, plastic pollution and many more which affects the ecosystem.

    Now let's take a look at water pollution. When harmful ingredients are added to water it causes water pollution. People use water from different water bodies for bathing, irrigation and drinking. So, if the water is polluted we will have serious health issues and water pollution is the leading cause of various water borne diseases. The waste water from our home is discharged through the sewage system and mix with the groundwater or any water bodies. Industrial effluents are also discharged into different water bodies which are dangerously affecting us. There must be a sewage treatment plant for every kind of wastewater before being discharged into water bodies.

    We use plastic in different forms in our daily life. Plastic is basically a non-biodegradable material, means it cannot be decomposed by natural organisms/microbes and remain as it is for years. This causes more harm to the nature as plastics cannot be broken down into organic molecules and piles up in the same form. Everywhere we throw plastics in different forms and ultimately we are harming the environment. So, now onwards all of you must use biodegradable carry bags for everyday use and must stop the use of plastic bags.

    We discussed three important forms of pollution that is affecting us badly and I am giving all of you a small task where you will write about the different ways you wish to take to create awareness about pollution. That's all for today, we will be meeting in the next class to discuss more about few other forms of pollution.

    This is an entry to the Classroom Lecture contest
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    A good lecture about pollution and its effects. Rapid industrialisation and the unethical methods adopted by some of the manufacturing factories with the blessings of some of the controlling officers is the main reason for the pollution of air and water. Added to this the usage of vehicles with petroleum fuels for the transportation of people and goods is another serious reason for the pollution. Another reason for pollution is deforestation. All these aspects put together is enhancing the pollution problem. Unhealthy practices and unhygienic activities of the people is also a major source of pollution. The pollution levels are very high in many big cities in our country and it is becoming difficult for mankind to sustain. Already we started purchasing water for drinking. A day may probably come when we have to purchase cylinders of oxygen to breath if the present trend continues. One should think about this issue and see that they will not be adding fuel to the fire.
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    In fact, it was an invaluable lecture in the sense that the author has provided all the inputs aggravating pollution almost in all the areas.
    The major contributory factor in raising pollution is the rampant usage of petrol and diesel coupled with faulty mechanism of the vechiles being used leading to ejection of dark cloudy smoke which ultimately pollutes the surroundings. Drastic reduction of such excessive usage of Fuel could be cut with a rationale planning such as plying of vechiles with a shared accommodation for office purpose or personnel purpose. Such practice continued for a couple of days in Delhi but later discontinued.
    We have to take a drastic measure so as to avoid deforestation occurring in large scale in most of the areas. With the awareness in respect of Fuel - consumption, we could minimise the level of pollution.

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    Good lecture about pollution and its types. Air pollution is also caused by the smoke emits through the industries due to burning of fuels. Also its been increasing these days due to deforestation which we are doing to use the land which is not at all good. Plants are essential to keep our atmosphere clean and fresh so we need to conserve them. Water pollution is mainly caused by the industrial waste which is discharged in rivers. Its not only dangerous for aquatic animals but for us also. Its our responsibility to reduce such activities which are making out environment polluted. Noise pollution is also a type of pollution which is caused by the loudspeakers, horns of the vehical. Its also dangerous for us and other animals. Plastic is one such thing which helpful as well as harmful for all living beings as it doesn't decompose. We should all try to minimise the use of the same.

    I don't prefer going from a vehical for a small distance. I try not to use plastic bags unless and until its very urgent. These are few things which I do to control pollution. We should also do something to prevent our environment to get polluted.


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