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    A Classroom Lecture on the Importance of Spoken English

    Hello! Students,

    I understand why you are so annoyed to see me during your library period. Relax all of you. Right now, I am not going to take a regular English class. I mean neither will I teach you from textbook nor grammar or composition. Let's have some discussion. Are you ready for it? Good, let's start.

    There are almost forty students in this class. Now, tell me how many of you love to converse in English. Great! I can see every one of you has raised your hand. Well, why do you love to speak English? Is it because you can show off yourself better or you sincerely understand the need of Spoken English.

    Today let me tell you about the importance of Spoken English. Studying in English medium school is a boon for the children who get an ample opportunity to speak in English during the school hours. It benefits a lot. The students become confident in Spoken English which works as a confidence booster when they face a stranger, during a meeting and discussion, on the international soil or just a chill out feeling because there is no fear or hesitation of not knowing fluent English.

    There are numerous people who are extremely knowledgeable but among them who are good at Spoken English enjoy a little extra edge. It will be wrong to demean those who lack the ability but it is always advisable that if one gets a chance to learn how to speak fluent English then, it should be grabbed and try to make the best out of it.

    Students, we all know that English is a widely spoken language throughout the globe. Suppose you have to go to an English speaking country for a job or due to any other reason then, the inability to speak the language properly will make you feel cornered. Day to day life and professional one both will become very difficult to manage. Actually, it will be a very uncomfortable position to be in.

    Though there are so many languages spoken in India, English is the medium for job interviews, viva-voce, higher education, travel and tourism and much more. This clearly indicates that how English dominates every sphere of life in India and worldwide also. Thus, the ability to read and write English well is not enough rather make a mark for oneself it is important to have a strong speaking power in English.

    Dear students, hope you have understood why fluency in speaking English is so important. Basically, it's a mean to success and not just a reason to flaunt one's sophistication and wealthy culture. Well, if you have any question related to this discussion then, be prepared to put forth the queries in the very next English class. Your doubts will be properly addressed.
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    English is a universal language. If one can speak, read, write and understand the English Language well, he can manage very well anywhere in the world. He will never face any problem regarding conveying his ideas and other aspects easily in that language so that many people will understand the subject and they may come out with a solution. So one should have the habit of conversing in English.
    The author tried to explain well about the importance of the English language and I thank the author for this useful thread on spoken English.

    always confident

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