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    What is your preference in listening to music?

    Nowadays, we see everywhere people with a smartphone connected to headphone/earphone. Hope they are listening to music in the absence of any conversation. This sudden thought came to me while travelling in a bus and the bus is running with a music system with a good collection of songs of yesteryears. It is really a pleasure to listen surprisingly our favourite coming in the queue of songs instead of listening repeatedly by setting our favourite songs in our play lists.

    What is your preference? And even you may come with your favourite song with details.
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    I would like to listen to my favorite songs while I'm awake and random ones when I'm asleep. Some days I just listen to one song the whole day on repeat. As of now my favorite songs are One by Metallica and Sultans of Swing by Dire straits. I like rock songs from 70s and 80s more than anything.
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    I don't do that I never listen music by connecting ear phone to my mobile phone. I just listen songs when I drive my car from from home to office and vice versa and it happens sometimes I get a chance to listen my favourites songs on FM.

    I like old Hindi songs specially sung by Mohd Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar. I don't like the songs of Kishore Kumar but I like the way he used to sing. He was a great singer.


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    I do not listen to music while availing public transports on a regular basis. Even I do not carry the earphones. If I'm on a tour and had to travel a long distance then only I carry the earphones and listen to the favorite numbers. Few instrumentals and songs are very appealing but I listen to all kind of music that is soothing to my ears. At times it may become repetitive to listen to the same old songs in the playlist, but favorites are always favorite.

    But people must be cautious while plugging in the earphones in public transport and must remove it while getting down at the destination. I have seen many people walking on the streets and crossing the roads with the earphones plugged in and it is very dangerous. So enjoy your favorite numbers while travelling but be cautious while walking or crossing the road.


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    I listen to Bengali, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Panjabi songs. I listen to all types of songs. But very recently, I have been listening to various folk songs. Right now, I am listening to Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Jhumur and Goalparia folk songs of Bengal. In the morning I listened to Lalon songs and Hason Raja's songs. Yesterday I heard Puratoni songs and Toppa sung by legendary Ram Kumar Chattopadhyay. While listening I am feeling astonished by the richness of Bengali culture, which we have failed to preserve.
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    I love Tamil songs. Early in the morning, I like to listen to Tamil devotional songs sung by P Sushila. However, I like to enjoy the Hindi song 'Satyam Shivam Sundaram' sung by melody queen Lata Mangeskar. During the rest of the day, I enjoy songs sung by TMS, Seerkazhi and Yesudas. Late night, I love to hear the songs sung by late playback singer Swarnalata. For entertainment, I listen to Asha Bhosle songs. For all time, I prefer to listen the old songs of MK Tyagaraja Bhagavathar.
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    Thank you members, We got a good list of songs of all languages across the country. This came to my mind when I hear during my journey, the songs of the 80s and 90s which really cherish my memory.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Music is considered a great medicine for a person in worry as well as in a good mood. Even cine songs are like this. When I travel to a hill side place, I remember the song sung by a great cine actor MGR in a cinema(anbe vaa). When I visit the Tajmahal, I remember the (paavai vilakku)song of Sivaji Ganesan film shot in Tajmahal and in that song Sivaji was acted as Shah jehan.
    Even radio songs(in olden days) did not left their importance. When my mother lost her third daughter died in tender age of one month, a song from parasakthi film was played in radio as 'poomaalai neeye puzhuthi man mele'.
    When I lost my wife in 2015, after returning from graveyard and ocean everything, a radio song I heard from somewhere,'unnaivittu ponalum un ninaivai vittu pogavillai'.
    Besides everything the musing is really a healing one in all aspects and recently there are researches made by Sri Ganapathi Sachchithanantha Swamigal of Mysore Datta peedam, that many diseases can be healed through music as Music.
    Both vocal and instrumental in carnatic music is my favorite and I have attended many concerts with my paternal uncle and my wife.

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    I generally prefer listening to melodies (no language barriers here), ghazals or classical instrumental music in a low volume. I don't like to listen to music wearing a headphone. I don't mind fast numbers in a loud (permissible) volume if a particular occasion demands. Though these are my preferences, I like any good song or piece of music which can catch my attention.
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    Music creates a positive surrounding and it does not have any language barrier. Even if someone is not familiar with the language in which song has been sung. The tone and melody of the songs are extremely soothing to ear.

    I like Hindi songs of the yesteryears especially between 1970 - 1990 sung by different singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Md Rafi, Suman Kalyanpuri, Asha Bhosle etc. Some of the songs are so pleasing to ears that even a continuous hearing of such songs does not satisfy the urge of listening more. Of course, the melodious tone of the songs creates a soothing effect on the nerves.

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    Music is a great companion especially when you are alone and just want to relax with a nice piece of music going in the background.

    I am not a habitual earphone user on the go but sometimes use it while waiting for something at some place.

    I have interest in old Hindi songs which are very melodious and have meaningful lyrics.

    Some people use music in the background while working. It is said that it would increase productivity.

    Now a days in many private organisations we see that there is a light music with low volume in the background and people are working in that environment.

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    Music preference?
    Kishor da and Rafi saab songs….and Lata ji also.

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    I never use earphones for hearing the music. I hear songs during my travel in my vehicle and I love listening to good old songs. FM station of DD will play these old songs regularly and I enjoy hearing songs on that station. I prefer songs in Telugu Language and second preference is Hindi. I like hearing songs with good lyrics and music. I like melodies more.
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    Being a musician myself, I have learnt one thing. I was too rigid over some genres and disliked them. But if you are a music lover, you will like songs first and then decide if it was rap, classical, pop etc.

    With the recent degradation in Hindi song lyrics, I have to admit, I have completely stopped listening to Bollywood songs. I, in fact, do not listen to remixes at all, as they are making them obscene. But in office, I do listen to some of the playlists of mine, in Spotify. I have to admit, I am more into English Pop, and Old classics of Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer etc.
    But, when I am tensed, I have Old Bollywood classic songs, of Lata ji, Kishore Kumar, and my favourite Asha ji. It soothes my brain, it makes me calm and at peace. I have so many memories attached to these songs, as when I was a kid, I used to listen to all these songs, and I was into singing, so obvious, these songs helped.

    I have to use earphones, as in the office, it is difficult to play open, and also I focus on a lot of things in a song, so it is easy with earphones.

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