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    What a reason for Sooraj to kill his parents and a sister.

    This is story of Sooraj who used to live with his parents and a sister. But somewhere he wanted to live life of his own. He had rented a room in Delhi itself and used to bunk classes and used to stay in the rented room from 7 am to 6 pm. He was addicted of playing online games. He killed his parents and during investigation police found that he had a WhatsApp group of around 10 friends where they used to make plan of bunking classes. As per his relative he was very calm and nice person whereas his neighbors told that he used to quarrel with his family members.

    Last time they had a big quarrel when his parents asked restricted him from kite flying on independence day since then he thought of taking revenge from them and one night when he came home, he woke up at 3 am midnight and stabbed his father many times. His mother woke up hearing the noise he stabbed her once and then went to his sister's room where he stabbed her many times while his mother came to save her he stabbed her mother too.

    After killing them all he made house as if someone had come to the house for robbery and killed the family members.

    He was caught and interrogated by the police and was held for the crime but there is no sign of remorse on his face.

    This is real story of a boy aged 19 years of Delhi.

    Imagine how can people get courage to kill their own parents. Is it not a strange story? Was he so much fed up of his family.
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    I have gone through the newspaper reports on the issue. The boy had earlier faked his own kidnapping. This time he killed his parents and sister and tried to hoodwink the police. Such people are beyond all corrective measures and the society is safe if they remain inside the jail forever.
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    Yes in the past he made fake story of his kidnapping. Also he failed in 12th standard and gave an excuse that his father made him indulged in the construction of the house so he could not studied and failed whereas his father denies the same.

    He is such a lier and asking his relatives to save him from the law. He doesn't realise what has he done.


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    I think he is a psycho. The people who are having some mental disorders will go to any extent and they do all sorts of issues like this. This kind of behaviour will be noticed at a very early stage and if we take proper care and show them to the doctor, there may be some use. Otherwise, these people should always be behind the bars only. Otherwise, they will create a lot more problems for the people. I think people who are committing such offences in their early life itself are very dangerous to society.
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    He could be a mad, insane, psyche, characterless person created by God, yet loved by his parents and sister. It is good that he was caught and put behind the bars. if not, he could do more damage to others.
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    This boy had earlier shown his criminal bent of mind when he faked his own kidnapping. Now he has killed his parents and sister. I think he is beyond all corrective measures. He must remain in jail as long as possible.
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