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    What should be our country's pledge on the World Food Day- 16th October?

    Every year October 16th is celebrated as the World Food Day. This was the day in the year 1945 on which the Food and Agriculture Organisation of UN came into being. Throughout the world, all the U.N. member countries observe this.

    Let us look into our country's food-related issues. According to available information for the financial year 2017-18, out of every 12 persons, one person goes to bed with an empty stomach every day. Based on a study, out of 119 countries, which come under the list of poor nations, India stands at the 100th place. Even after completing 70 years of independence, crores of children and women are suffering from lack of food.

    Geographically, we have enough cultivable land to produce sufficient food items needed for all Indians and also to export the balance. The extent of the area we can use for cultivation is just below the area used by the US. About 60% of the landed area is used for this purpose. At the same time, one-third of the starving world population happen to be Indians. About 20 % of our children grow without nutritious food. We waste about 25 to 30 per cent of fruits and vegetables produced, due to different reasons.

    So as we observe the World Food Day, we must concentrate on all these basic aspects, especially food production and distribution so that we become self-sufficient as far as growth and distribution of food materials is concerned. Let the pledge be for a new beginning; concentrating on agriculture rather than on science and technology.

    What is your opinion?
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    A very nice thread and we all have some role to play to improve the situation. It's disheartening to know that out of every 12 persons one is suffering from extreme hunger. There are different public distribution schemes run by the government to help the disadvantaged section of the society and there are reports of malpractices also involving officials of ration shops.

    To make the public distribution system more robust effective planning must be there so that nobody is starved. For this, a proper database is required where every details of the individual will be there. The statistics may project India is growing economically and also in all other sections but our country is still developing and around 22% of the population is still below the poverty line. Another shocking findings is the amount of food waste. Around 40% of total produced food is wasted due to various reasons. If this wastage is reduced to a minimum then we can hope there will be no starvation . As a citizen our role is to stop this wastage. During every public functions, be it marriage or any parties lots of food are wasted because there are people who care less about this waste. These people take more than they could eat and ultimately it is wasted.

    There are many threads in the ISC forums also where the wastage of food and ways to reduce it have been discussed in details. One of such thread is here where members have discussed in details about it. We all must be cautious while eating at parties or ordering foods at restaurants and if there is any waste then it should be distributed among the needy. There are few places in our country where there are community fridges to keep the excess food and distributed among the needy. This idea is gaining ground and we can think of such initiatives in our local area too.


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    I may add a few more points about the wastage of food items we make. Though India has the second place among the vegetable and fruit producing countries, about 30% of the produce go waste. It is mainly because of lack of storage facilities, shortage of transportation means, weakness in marketing and other important facilities. According to FAO, about 8.3 billion dollar worth produce get wasted.

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    Believe me or not, I just thought about the wastage of food yesterday, recollecting the food eating habit of great Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar. Thiruvalluvar was married to Vasuki, a submissive and obedient wife of Thiruvalluvar. She is famous for her chastity and submissiveness. In all our quotes, we take example of Vasuki as to how a wife should be. She never uttered a word againt her hubby in response to her hubby's command. She always respected and obeyed him without any refusal or denial. Even during a bright daylight hour, if Thiruvalluvar ask her to bring a lantern, she won't ask why? It will have a reason.

    Thiruvalluvar never wasted a single morsel in his life. Whenever he used to dine, Vasuki used to keep a bowl of water and a needle nearby as directed by her hubby Thiruvalluvar. Surprisingly, Valluvar never had a chance to use the bowl and the needle. While Valluvar was on his death bed, Vasuki wanted the answer for her single question. That was - What was the need to have a bowl of water and a needle while dining. Thiruvalluvar replied that while eating, it was to pick up any morsel that falls on the ground with the help of the needle, wash it and eat it without being wasted. Thiruvalluvar never spared to drop a single morsel while eating. He was so perfect.

    What a lovely action not to waste food! I think, we all should be Thiruvalluvar and save food, not to waste even a single grain that God has provided for us.

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    This is a nice story showing the value of food. These days people buy several food items even many are not to be used immediately. Such extra items and those in the eaten plates are thrown out without any hesitation. We must change this attitude and follow the advice from the stories like the one above.

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    My advance wishes to all on the occasion of world food day.
    In our country the food produced is not sufficient to feed the total population. Still, there are many people who are not able to get two square meals a day. They go foodless many days. So there is a need for increasing the production of food grains. The governments are trying to supply food for the public even free also. Even then there are people who have to sleep with a hunger only. The fields are getting converted to living places and factories. so land available for farming is coming down. So productivity is to be increased and modern methods of farming are to be used for getting higher yields.
    Another big problem in our country is the wastage of food. Many people throw the food after storing for some days. This is to be avoided. Especially in functions and gathering a lot of food will be wasted. The waste is to be avoided. The food wastage is a severe problem and should be controlled effectively so that people who are really in need of food will get it.

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    Let us all understand the underlying message on World Food Day and take a pledge to provide food to all inhabitants of Mother Earth.
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    I remember, the hard times, and also when my mother used to grow vegetables in our garden, and used to share the same with a lot of road side people, as food, vegetables was in abundance. Her point was, what is the need to have all the vegetables at our home, when ultimatey we will only use few of them, and extras will be rotten?
    So, I really wish we all move towards a greener place and grow vegetables as well, not for self, but to share.
    Eating healthy is also another pledge I want to focus on. Avoid unhealthy, oily food as much as we can. Infact money wasted in oily food can be utilized in buying more food and options for those in need.

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