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    How you spent that special day!

    This can happen to anybody. Imagine one fine morning you woke up confused and found there is practically little to do throughout the day. You don't have to go to work since it's a holiday and you do not have any plan either. You switched on your phone and found few 'Good Morning' messages. You thought of reading the news and tapped on the apps of few news portals, everywhere there is almost same news and you found all the news too boring. Now you are thinking watching the television may be a good idea and you started to surf the channels. There too the movies are already seen and you found all the news repetitive. Mobile games do not appeal you much and you prefer to participate in real games. You took the mobile phone and started to call few of your friends to plan something exciting. Well, the first one's phone is switched off, maybe unable to come out of the slumber yet. The second one is out of reach and your friend number three is busy on tour.

    Have you ever faced this type of situation where you found there's nothing much to do other than eating and sleeping? Let's hear what you did on that special day.
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    No life without Sun

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    No it doesn't happen with me as I have lots of house hold work too which my wife keeps me pending for me and waits for me to have a day off from work. Recently it happened when she didn't keep any pending work for me so we went to watch a movie and last Sunday also same thing happened then we went to chokhi Dhani a fun park located on GT karnal Road. So far I have never felt what you have mentioned in the post.

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    I have an old car which is very dearer to me, Whenever, I have nothing to do, I try to maintain it by washing it, checking it, and driving it. It is easy to maintain a new car, but it is very difficult to maintain a car that has lived for 45 years. However, old is Gold. It is my good old Premier Padmini. [last sentence removed by forum editor for double meaning.]

    Every day is a special day for my Padmini.

    No life without Sun

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    As long as you have not made any plans for a holiday, I am sure that you will have something or the other to do on such days. I consider holidays to be my personal space and engage myself in clearing all my personal chores. Other than that there would be housekeeping, gardening, helping my wife with the laundry, maybe going out for lunch with family, a short nap in the afternoon etc. I prefer to spend some time with friends in the evening and if that is not possible, then watching TV, reading something, ISC (to which I keep logging in and out all through the day) and trying out my culinary ideas in the kitchen would be what I resort to spend a holiday. I personally feel that we should not make any plans for holidays and must enjoy it as it comes with a relaxed mind so that we are fresh, physically and mentally, for the next day.
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    I was about to give a response in my thread of remembering members in other portals when I read an article stating that there is a man running a car of more years nearing to 100 (steam car) years that reminds me of the famous Padmini of yours, you always mentioned in ISC. Thank, you have mentioned here in this thread.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    If there is nothing specific, I will have many works which I can do on that day. Opening bookshelf and see the condition and cleaning the shelf and rearranging the books is such one work I will do when I will find some leisure time. I will try to help my wife in her works. Then I will go to some of my known people nearby. Unfortunately, I will find very rarely such days. I never go for watching a TV. I spend more time reading books or newspapers.
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    Well, I do have such days quite often, I spend them going for long walk, reading a good book, cooking something for me. I try to avoid using any gadget that day, not even any series on netfllix or amazon prime.
    The best invetsment of time, is self and I do that.

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    Even in our increasingly busy schedule, such days do come in our life occasionally. On those days, I stand silently on the terrace or sit in our balcony, reminisce about my past days and do nothing. My daughter and my wife avoid me on those days and don't disturb me in my reverie. They are now well acquainted with my mood.
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    Every day is a special day for me with nothing to do. As a retired person and presently restricted by health problems, I face this problem every day. The generation gap is also making it difficult in many activities including the Club activities. The present generation timings of coming to the Club do not coincide with mine. They come by the time I leave the Club both in the morning and evening. Added to this, I am losing interest in books, TV and the ISC also. It is very difficult to spend these special days which have become a routine.
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