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    Introduce electronic bogie position for every train

    The Chennai Central Railway station is unique, as one need not climb any staircase and can access any platform so easily. But this is only step one. Even in much smaller stations like Walajah Road ( 90 mts from Chennai Central on the Bangalore/Coimbatore routes) one does find electronic display of bogie position and it becomes so easy for the elders and the last minute passengers to identify the coaches.

    But in Chennai Central Railway Station, this is totally absent. It is superbly done at Bangalore Cantonement station, where the station is not only very neat but everything including rest rooms are also so neat. And the electronic display of the bogie position happens so beautifully.

    Why can't it be done in Chennai Central? One needs to provide these basic facilities and help the passengers to easily identify their coach position. It should also be done in all other Railway Stations.
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    Mr, ABSivakumar,
    You are totally wrong with your claim to have an electronic display for bogie position at Chennai Central or Egmore or any other major terminal stations. You should know that Chennai central is a Terminal, not a junction where trains arrive; halt for a few minutes; leave for their destination. In Terminal stations, the train is positioned at their respective platforms well in advance, say 30 to 60 minutes prior to departure. And it is easy for the passengers to reach their bogie on time. Similarly, trains arrive only to disembark the passengers. A display board won't be of any good use to the passengers. However, the position of train bogies from the engine is placed at the entrance to the platform.

    KSR Bengaluru(SBC) is a terminal as well as a junction, and Bengaluru Cantt(BNC) is an intermediate station. In such stations, the train halts only for few (1 to 5) minutes. These stations certainly require the electronic display for the benefit of passengers waiting to board the passing trains.

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    Even for the trains which are originating from the terminal, the electronic display of coaches is done in Secunderabad station. Many trains will start from Secunderabad and the train may be placed well in advance on the platform. Once the train starts coming on to the platform the electronic display system will show the coach position and the driver will see that the train will be stopped accordingly. But I don't know why it is not done at Madras Central station? Many trains from other places will touch central and then go to other destinations. So showing the coach position is good for the passengers. Even on the platform crossing bridges also they are arranging the display boards with the coach positions indicated on that.
    In south central railway, in many stations, this arrangement is made and it is very convenient to the passengers to know the coach position in advance so that last minute running with heavy luggage can be avoided.

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    Dr. Rao,
    Secunderabad is a junction as well as a terminal. The passing trains halt for few minutes, and the trains can arrive, depart or pass at/from any platform. Hence, such electronic bogie number display is available at all the platforms of that station. Whereas Chennai Central, though a terminus and also a junction, the trains passing through Chennai central, halt for long and have sufficient time for the passengers to board. The Engine position is changed. It takes time to attach a new engine to the train. Hence the importance of display is not felt by the railway authorities.

    Further, since the coaches are interconnected with passages from one coach to the other, people can board the nearest coach and reach their allotted coach through the passage.

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