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    Why God in temples are partial to the rich?

    It is pity to see that Gods residing in reputed temples are partial to the rich. A rich who can afford will be able to go near the idol and have a close and quick worship, while the poor who cannot afford need to wait in long queues to have a distant and hurried worship. A poor may not be able to see the idol completely, despite spending many hours of standing in the queue.

    Why God is partial to his devotees? Should He not be impartial and treat all his devotees equally?
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    Well, are you sure that God is partial? Who decides in a temple whether a person will go near the idol or observe the idol from far away?

    It is the associates of the priests, commonly known as pandas in many places, who indulge in these activities. They will coax all the visitors to do certain things for their own benefit and there are even reports of manhandling the visitors and devotees by those pandas if the visitors refuse to follow their instructions. Many people think that going near to the idol will result in receiving more blessings and the pandas have tapped this thought process to grow their business.

    I am no one to talk or discuss about people's faith on a particular God but I just tried to explain certain facts about how the visitors and devotees are exploited by pandas or associates of some temples. In many temples people complain about this exploitation and in few cases the state governments stepped in to reduce the harassment.


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    If the pandas or the priests are the cause, why not God punish them for their illegal act? Why the God is quiet? This atrocity by the pandas are growing day by day in most of the Hindu temples of India, and there is no check on them. In fact, the pandas are growing rich and fat by wealth and size. Even the security guards in the temple make their booty from the devotee.

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    This is not God but we human beings ha e created the gap. Pujaris in the temples allow that. Its not good though but for list of money they do it.

    Corruption is everywhere in India even in the temples too they ask for money if you don't want to stand in the long queues. I noticed the same on my recent visit to very famous Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain.

    This is so because we allow it. Why do we go to pandas, can't we wait for our chance and stand in the queue.


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    Sun, I felt the same when I was visiting a famous temple in the South. There were two or three different queues as per the fees decided by the Temple authorities. I was standing in the one that was free. It took a long time before I could get near to the Sanctum-Santorum (garbhagriha) but even then I was far away from the diety and before I could pray my heart out and catch a glimpse of the deity, I was pushed away by the Pandas. I felt bad. But that night the Lord came in my dream and consoled me by saying that He always see those who are at the last before looking at those who stand in the front. So it is not whether we are near the diety that matters, it is whether the God (the power) in the diety sees us that matters. I woke up feeling blessed and relieved.

    So, that is it. Don't worry. Just think good, speak good and do good for God to notice you and feel blessed; all other beliefs are just superficial.

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    Yes Sun, this feeling may come automatically when we visit a temple and where there is a system of payment and free darshan. Also, our mindset agrees with famous temples like Tirumala and like where online ticketing, darshan tickets available along with free darshan which has many queues for everything while our mindset questions with the temple where the queues are within small premises.

    Whenever we visit Kerala temples, we used to hear this at least once if we say how long we can stand in a queue, immediately persons will say, this is Kerala, only in TN and Andhra you will have darshans of different options with money. But even that may have its own imprecation with the recent verdict of Sabarimala where the Government and the dewaswom board are discussing with Tirupati Tirumala Devasthan Board about the maintenance and operations of crowd management. If not now, later it may have its own imprecation, I believe.

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    According spiritual science,everything to a human in this world is only according to the Karma earned by him through the previous births. It is felt true by seeing the criminals and evil minded persons are living in rich level but honest people are suffering a lot. So God is not giving anything to us and everything provided by Him is only according to our Karma. A story I read: One honest devotee but poor, sincerely prayed God for rescue. God appeared before him and asked what was his wish. He wanted to live in good wealthy life. God pleased and gave three coconuts to him and asked him to break on floor by praying his wish whenever he need a wish. Felt happy, this person take up his mind and by praying a huge wealth and started to brake the first coconut. He raised his hand but his wife from outside called him urgently. He cursed her mentally on annoyance, 'as a thunder would fall on her'. His hand broke the coconut. A sudden thunder came and fall on his wife and she died. By seeing this, he felt bad and hastily prayed the God to have life back to his wife and broke the second coconut. His wife raised alive but with burnt black face. Worried man broke the third one by praying to have his wife in the normal manner. Accordingly she came. He again prayed God why this happening. God silently told him that is the fate of you and you cannot overcome anything by any boon and have to face your karma.
    A joke story I read: Two friends prayed God sincerely.God appeared before them and asked their wish. First asked Him that he would have full fledged money boxes nearby him and should have a fine sleep in air conditioned Room. God blessed him. Second asked that he should have money always with him and have many girls around him. God nodded for his wish. Next day the first person got an appointment letter 'as a security in a bank's ATM'. Second man got appointment as a conductor in a ladies special bus.

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    No one knows whether God is there or not. It is only a matter of faith and belief. People go to temples because they have faith in God.

    Different communities have different Gods. One community does not visit the God of other community.

    So God is basically a concept which is evolved from the human mind while our own evolution in the nature was in progress.

    Who made this universe? The simplest answer to this question is God.

    So if God is a concept, He will not be involved in any action going on in this world either in the temples or elsewhere. He will not be there to punish or reward the people.

    This is a matter of great discussion whether God exists or not. The world is divided in believers and non believers. Non believers say that it is the concept created by irrational minds. Believers are afraid of God's wrath and do not agree.

    So corrupt practices will continue in places of worship.

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    I don't think God is partial. The people who are running these temples like Executive committees of the temples are responsible for this arrangements. If you pay more your darshan will be fast and if you don't pay it may require more time. Based on the type of Darshan up to what extent you can go near to the God is decided. It is true we will get a feeling like that when we see these arrangements. These are the ways these people plan for making money on the name of God.

    But I don't think God will be partial. There is no rule that he is giving his blessings only to the people who go near to him in the temple. Even if you are not visiting also, God will never punish you. He will decide only based on the good and bad activities of the person,
    A rich man who spends money and goes near to him by paying money for a good Darshan may not be blessed with whatever he wishes. But a person who has seen him from a distance but prayed him without any selfish agenda may be rewarded.

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    My mother has been visiting one of the famous temples, fortunately which is in my resident area for about 20 years now. I have to say, that as a kid I never understood few things, but now I realized, that there was always a preference to people who are rich, and can donate more.
    I must say, it bothered my mother, as we are sufficient, but we never aim to be filthy rich, even if we want, we all can. She focussed on her God, and no doubt, she sometimes stumbles too, over stuff where even she wants to showoff (we are humans, we are affected sometimes), but I have a high faith in good deeds. I have learnt this hard way, and so we chose to ignore it.
    We tried raising voices, but it only led to disputes, so we have chosen to ignore it and continue with our faith in God.

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    It is clear that God, if it exists, is accessible to the rich, more easily. That is why there are special queues for the rich and ordinary people. If you are ready to pay more you can reach him quickly.
    In every temple there are different types offerings with varying fee structures. The best offering to please the deity costs the most. That means the poor cannot offer that. Like this the whole set up in most of the temples are not 'havenot' friendly.


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    Sometime back, I received a Whatsapp joke. It says that once Mr.Mukesh Ambani went to a temple. While praying to God, people ask for blessings and certain favors. Mr. Mukhesh Ambani after his prayer asks the God if there is anything that he can do for God. This joke really explains what the author has asked for.
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    Did anyone read my response at #650634 and try to analyze what I meant? Let us give this thread some depth.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    The God is omnipresent. He is there everywhere. He is very near to the people who wanted to see him. He will notice the people and he will bless them based on their way of behaviour. A person helping a fellow human being who is in need of some service will be noticed by God easily. He need not go to a temple in the queue or need not by a special ticket for Darshan. He will be blessed by God for his good deeds. Similarly, I feel a person doing all sins outside and going for a darshan by purchasing a special darshan ticket by paying money will never be getting the blessings of God. But it has become a habit for people to visit places of worship.
    If you want to see God very nearer to you do service to human beings. Be good and do good. You will definitely be getting the blessings of Him.

    always confident

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