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    Police is for protecting and serving the citizens, but do they actually do so?

    It is always told to us that police is for protecting and serving the citizens but do they actually do this? Today, I went to the police station regarding some interest levied by builder upon me for payment which I have made to him in time. Now the builder after taking all the payment is not giving handover of my flat and asking me to pay the interest which shouldn't be there at first place. It has now been 6 months fighting with the builder.

    Since the builder and is not willing to relent, I went to police to complain about the fraud that builder is doing with me. To my surprise my request was turned down by him saying 'Is this my work? Please go!'

    I was shocked as he was not even willing to listen to what exactly is the problem. At first instance he made me leave the police station.

    I didn't feel bad, but I kept pondering as to what exactly is his work? If someone is in problem and wants to complain regarding the same, them how can he refuse to even hear the common citizen seeking help from police. Also what came through my mind that although he was polite to me but what he must be doing to the people who are poor or illiterate and would go to the police station for any complaint or FIR. How he must be turning them away. He might not be taking any complaints, so as to save himself from work.

    Although, I believe that all the police officers are not the same but the behaviour what I faced made me think as to why in general people don't trust police or call them corrupt.

    Has anyone else faced such situation or I am alone. Please share your views.
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    No I haven't experience the same ever in my life. I have gone to the police station just once in my life and they lodged my complaint easily unlike yours.

    Yes policemen sometimes become rude. You should have gone to some higher authority for the same.

    I think it would have been better to go to the court for this than to go to a police station. Just an opinion.


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    Manoj, nice to see you here after some gap. Coming to your query, let me tell you that such behavior by police officials, though not rare, is not very common nowadays. But such incidents do happen and we have seen many instances of police inaction and misbehavior with people who approach them for help or guidance. Legally speaking, they are bound to listen to your problems before deciding whether it can be entertained at their level. Rude behavior from a government servant, especially one whose duty is to protect the life and property of the state and the public, is not acceptable.

    Having said so, let me tell you frankly that there is no point in arguing with them. If you had taken a written complaint and they had refused to accept the same, it would have been a different issue because then you could have asked them to give you a note saying that your application cannot be accepted. With that, you could have approached the higher authority for redressal.

    Though it may be out of context, I suggest you approach the Consumer Redressal Forum of your district by filing an application with complete details and copies of all the transactions. Before that, it would be better if you can send your builders a legal notice through a lawyer stating all the facts and your demands.

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    Your case is of a civil nature. The police station may not be able to handle the case except to pacify both the parties by giving a solution which may not be agreeable to both the parties. I am sure, if it was a criminal case, the police would have accepted the complaint and action taken against the accused.

    You should have taken the help of a lawyer, instead of going to the police station where nothing could be done.

    In any case, the police should not have been rude to you. They should have politely turned down your complaint and suggested you approach the court.

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    @Saji, thanks for remembering. Yes, I have been away from ISC due to some personal issues and my query does tell a tale.
    Actually, I know seniors of the inspector who can give him a good lesson for such behaviour, but I prefer not to do so. For the same reason this thought came to my mind as to what must be happening to those who do not know anyone or do not have means or know the law.

    I have thought of going to UPRERA against the builder but that court time will again kill me as the shortest date available for hearing is 3 months. I would get an order in my favor that is for sure but the builder is not following any court orders and going to High Court against the order. In this process the builder gets more and more time and I am suffering because I am paying EMI as well as rent which is too much a burden and by the time court settles the case I will be broke. I will lose much more than I will gain. For the same reason I went to police to atleast make the builder listen and act properly but the police itself turned deaf ear.
    I know all this because it is not just me, but many buyers like me who are facing the same situation and are suffering and running after court and police station for respite from builder who is actually harassing the buyers and taking money on one pretext or other.
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    Manoj, there are lot many cases, including recent ones in which the National Consumer Redressal Forum and the Supreme Court has decided cases similar to your's in favour of the buyers. You can approach the NCRF directly if the cost of the apartment is Rs 1 Crore or more. If the cost is lesser, you will have to seek redressal from the State or District forum. It would be better if all the aggrieved parties move a joint complaint. Please consult a good and reliable lawyer at the earliest. He will surely be able to help you out.

    Sorry for the diversion. Members are requested to kindly respond to the main thread.

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    This type of incidents are many. But at the same time, we will find good police also. They help a lot for us. Yesterday we were in Vijayawada. We have to come down the hill. The temple authorities arranged vehicles for the devotees who performed pooja on that day So we are waiting for the bus to come. After seeing us standing there for half an hour, the police there came to us and asked us why we are waiting there. When we explained the issue, he talked to the temple authorities and arranged a bus in 5 minutes. Of course, this is a different issue but I mentioned this to tell you that there people who want to help us in the police also.
    I feel you may have to proceed legally against the builder. You can also approach, as suggested by Saji, the National Consumer Redressal Forum for solving your problem.

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    Thanks everyone for their suggestions. I know this well that going by legal route will not let me get my home for next 1 year and I am looking for other means to get my home asap and after that I will follow the legal route to get compensation from the builder.
    My first priority is get my home so that I am able to save on the expenses that are affecting me very badly.

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    The author has decided the course of action and so I don't think there is any need to discuss the topic further.

    This thread is being locked now.

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