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    Here are few facts which will break your myth of skipping morning breakfast.

    We all know that morning breakfast is very important meal for a person as it fuels our empty stomach and breaks fast of overnight. In today's busy life people miss breakfast due to lack of time but they don't realise that it will affect their health as breakfast is very important for us keep ourself fit and fine.

    Here are few myths which few people have to skip breakfast:

    #1 People think that breakfast is needed by the kids as they need more nutrients than adults but thats not true everyone require nutrients and breakfast does that.

    #2 People believe that they will lose weight skipping breakfast but thats not true as by skipping it we only harm us as study shows skipping it doesn't affect weight loss.

    #3 Breakfast cerials are rich in carbohydrates which is not good. Thats not the case actually a breakfast rich in carbohydrates is good when we eat meal after a break of 8-10 hours so its useful.

    So we must focus on having breakfast and should try not to skip it if we want ourself healthy.
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    It is not wise to avoid breakfast in the morning. The common saying is the breakfast can be heavy, the lunch can be skipped or as light as possible so that you can work actively and dinner should be very light. If we follow this may we can maintain good health. Recently I heard through a doctor that eating fruits as breakfast is good for health. Fruits will be good if we take them with an empty stomach.
    Thanks to the author for bringing out the advantages of having a breakfast and I also say that no one should miss this breakfast for any reason.

    always confident

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