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    What is the connection between Marriage and Mathematics? Let us discuss.

    There is a mathematical sum going viral as to 'why a Hindu wedding has the ritual of 'Saat Phere' (seven rounds) around the sacred fire?

    The answer to this coming from a maths teacher goes that as a circle has 360 degrees and this number can be divided by all the numbers 1 to 9 except 7 and hence if they go around 7 seven times nothing is divided in their relationship.

    This is what is going viral via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. There is some more extension in this mathematics which says, people may say that 360 is not divisible by even 11 and 13, then why only 7. The answer to this is that if one's marriage relationship can be confirmed as indivisible by 7 rounds itself, why should they then go for more rounds. Also, there is another fact that 360 divided by 7 give 51 as quotient and 3 as the reminder which may be significantly said to mean that they will be living together for 51 years with a family of 3 meaning at least one kid will be there.

    This has significance with homophones of phere and fire too.

    So this thread is only to give significance to maths (or homophones like phere and fire) and hence responses may be related to that only, please.
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    I have a different version of marriage and maths. For this, I take the maths signs plus + and minus - as positive and negative attitude. A couple should be of either + Positive or - negative attitude.

    Life will be bitter if both husband and wife are of a different attitude. Life will be happier if both are of the same attitude.


    Plus x Minus = Minus (Negative) Life will be full of negatives.
    Minus x Plus = Minus(Negative)
    Plus x Plus = Plus (Positive) Life will be full of positiveness.
    Minus xMinus = Plus(Positive).............

    Explanation with examples:
    Supposing a married couple decides to go to a movie on a Sunday. Hubby says, "Let us go for a Hindi movie today." Wife says, No. I don't like to see any Hindi movie.
    (Here, the trouble starts between the couples with the husband being positive and wife being negative)

    Another couple - "Darling, Let us go for an English movie today." Wife says, "Yes darling, I too wanted to tell you the same. Let us go."
    (Here, the couple remain happy with their positive attitude)

    Another couple - " I want to skip my dinner today." Wife says, "I too don't wish to take dinner."
    (Here, Both are happy with their negative attitude)

    Your good comments, please.

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    I feel that this sort of interpretation has no much relevance. Mathematics, rather arithmetics can be interpreted in different ways. One can attribute different meanings according to one's interested. Those who are having the astrological background try to interpret everything in those lines. Those who have interest in numerology will try to bring in those ideas in the interpretations. Like this one can get different interpretations.

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    I am not that good with numbers and so, as a layman, if you ask me the connection between marriage and maths, I would say that the correctness or success in both depends on calculation. You get your answer right if your calculations are right and you get to live a happy married life if your calculations, again, go right.
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    In south Indian marriages, the seven rounds around the sacred fire is not there. If at all they come around the sacred fire, they take only three rounds. For anything and everything, three is a free number to perform things. What I feel is this - Seven rounds might take the couples to lead a heavenly life.
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    In this Forum post, we are not discussing Arithmetic/Mathematics. We are discussing numerology. As far as I know, numerology has no scientific basis. Just like palmistry, some people believe that numbers play a significant role in human's life including marriage. So, people who don't know anything about the effect of numbers (like me), have no comment to offer in this regard.
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    No offense to you but stuff like these make me roll my eyes. Because these are just some jobless conservative Indians sitting in their backyard trying to impose their opinions onto others by whatsapp. I've come across thousands of such posts and most of them are totally absurd. Circle has an area of Pi*radius*radius. Pi is an irrational number. So is marriage irrational too? This is what I want to ask those pseudo intellectuals. But if I did, I would sound stupid to them just the way they sound stupid to me.

    There is a complete different meaning in rituals of a marriage. Also, no two states in India have similar customs in wedding, so there is no way we can pinpoint something is the source and meaning of these rituals. No where in Vedas or any other sacred texts we get a reference of these customs. These traditions and customs are relatively new and saying that we can trace them back to the origins and giving them numerological significance is again absurd.

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    I didn't understand the logic. This is just a coincidence that 360 is not divisible by 7. But people are making nice corelation with the same.

    In marriage the couples takes 7 vows so take 7 rounds of holy fire.


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    Again @Aditya I will take that in the positive only if you take the value of Pi again it is coming with 22 divided by seven which has 3 as quotient and 1 as a reminder which has same explanation as in the post also.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    No saroja. 3.14 is the simplest form of pi. Pi has infinite digits in decimals after that. 22/7 is used for academic purposes where accuracy won't matter.
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    In Mathematics, we come across the words - 'Hence proved' and 'The converse is not always true'. We conclude the reasoning after getting the derivation finally and say hence proved.

    Same is the case with marriage too. We will arrive at final conclusion and prove the other's experiences as correct only when we experience the same and finally conclude that hence proved!


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    I do understand the significance of 7 in Hindu - marriage rituals. The pandits calculate how the couples would enjoy sheer happiness with such union. Strangely we could witness strange ties in the societies where the bride - groom is exceptionally qualified and opposite is the case with the bride in terms of education. Calculation - chart of the Pandit was quite disappointing, but such alliance after marriage enjoyed a pleasant life despite their different orientations.
    Sometimes, I think, Mathematics fail to make a proper forecast.

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    In our marriages, we don't have the seven rounds concept. The couples may go for three rounds around the fire. All these procedures and methods are derived by our ancient people and what is there in deciding these procedures may not be understood.
    If a wife and husband have similar thoughts they may spend a happy life, similarly, a boss and his subordinate think in a similar way they will also have a better understanding. This is about the mentality but not related to mathematics. These days WhatsApp has become a media and everybody is circulating so many things with a lot of correlations like this. How significant these are not known.

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