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    Today is world Students' day. Let us celebrate this day

    Today is the birthday of our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, and the day was declared as World Student's day by UN inthe year 2010. He was a renowned scientist, philosopher and teacher. A man who loved students and wanted to be with students.

    ISC is an educational portal, and we members are it's students. Today being World Students' Day, let us celebrate this day and share our experiences as a student in our life. If you are still a student in real life, say few things about your present life. If you are not a student but employed, say something about your past student life.
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    It is nice that the author has reminded us about this day being observed as world students' day. It is also a proud thing for all of us that it was chosen to be observed on the birthday of our former president and scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

    I am not aware whether it is being observed in a big way in our schools or colleges but I feel that this is a good opportunity for them to observe it by organising educational quizzes, competition etc to pay the respect to our great scientist and educationist - Dr Kalam.

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    Happy student's day to all.

    I am not a student now and in our school days we never had such day. These days it is celebrated in the schools. In my kids' school they are celebrating it. They will have cocuricular activities today, no studies.

    My daughter has participated in a stage play. She is assigned a role of a student who will protest against the corrupt politician and will motivate other students.

    I am glad to know that UN decided this day on the birthday of APJ Kalam.


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    I consider myself a life-long student. So, this day has a special significance for me. Let us pray to Goddess Saraswati to provide us with knowledge and wisdom to utilize the knowledge for the welfare of society.
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    I wish all the ISC members a happy students day.
    Each and every individual is a student and he will remain as a student till his demise. There is no end for your learning. The subject and knowledge are like an ocean and what we learn may be a drop or two out of it. So there will be always something to learn. So let us continue our struggle for learning.
    Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was a great scientist and worked for streamlining the rocket technology in India. He built a bridge between ISRO and DRDO to work together in common areas of interest. His vision and urge for learning made him a legend in his field of expertise. Celebrating his birthday as a student day is very nice and all students should take him as an example and should strive for the country by doing works in the field of science and Technology which will be useful for the country for its development.

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    Happy Student's Day to all ISCians who are here to learn and share their knowledge! What a perfect tribute to a great visionary, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam who knew what he was, knew what he did and knew what he spoke. He could and is still motivating the young minds. I pay my respects to this great son of India on his birth anniversary.
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    Happy Students' Day to all form my side. We all grow throughput lifetime, and learn as a student. There is no end date to being a student, to stop learning and to keep on rising. I am glad that I have been following this wesbite for so long now and I have to admit, being a student at ISC has helped alot. It cannot be expressed and is beyong any article to speak through.
    Iti Tyagi
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