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    Know some important basic laws applicable in India (Part-I)

    Almost all of us are not very aware of the basic laws applicable in India. In many cases, we suffer due to our ignorance of laws. So, I am going to mention some basic laws which we should be aware of.

    1. As per Police Act, 1861, a police officer is always on duty whether in uniform or not. So, if a person makes a complaint to the police, he/she can't give the excuse that he/she is not on duty.

    2. As per Section 46 of the Criminal Procedure Court, no woman can be arrested from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

    3. As per Section 166A of the Indian Penal Code, a police officer can't refuse to lodge FIR. If the officer refuses, then there is a provision of jail for such officer for a period of 6 months to 1 year.

    4. As per the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, no company can terminate/fire a pregnant lady employee. It is a punishable offense with maximum punishment of 3 years of imprisonment.

    5. As per the Citizens' Charter of Indian Oil Corporation website, in case of gas cylinder blast at the time of cooking, the concerned gas agency is liable to pay Rs. 50 lakhs as compensation.

    6. As per Section 14 of Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958, a landlord in Delhi can't forcefully get his/her premises vacated without giving prior notice to the tenant.

    In the next parts, I will mention some other little-known laws applicable in India.

    (To be continued.....)
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    It's a very important thread and all of us should be aware of these basic laws. From the daily news circulated through different medias, it is found that in few cases police stations are refusing to register the FIRs. I knew that they cannot refuse the complainant to lodge the FIR, but from this thread I found that there is a penal provision too for those police officers who refuse to register the FIRs.

    Thank you Mr. Partha for sharing all these important and basic laws.


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    You are doing a good work. I'm familiar with this set of laws and maybe in part2 and parr3 you'll bring more non-famous ones. These laws are referenced to in many movies and tv shows so already many of the ISC members must be aware of them. Yet thanks for refreshing my memory once again with this post. Really helpful.
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    Is there any small handbook available with all the useful Indian Penal codes for the benefit of the public? If yes, just give the details. We would like to procure and keep it for reference and use whenever there is a need.

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    Mr. SuN: I am not aware. I have compiled these not from Indian Penal Code (IPC), but from different sources.
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    Knowledge of basic laws is essential for all. These laws come with many explanations and amendments from time to time. A woman can be arrested between 6.00 PM and 6.00 AM if the situation merits it. This is possible only by a woman police officer after obtaining prior permission from First Class Judicial Magistrate having the jurisdiction over the area in which the arrest is to be made or the place where the crime is committed. The rent control acts differ from place to place. To the best of my knowledge, in Delhi, a lease agreement is necessary when a property is given on lease. The lessor is responsible to get a lease agreement from the lessee.
    The police always try not to open an FIR as it fixes the accountability on the police for carrying out investigation and record the findings. There may be a penal provision but how to go about it is the biggest problem. In our country, people have to fight for getting things done legally also. The attitude of the police towards public needs a lot of change.

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    This is a very useful thread. Thanks to the author for narrating all important laws which are useful to us. Last year when a theft happened during the journey of my sister. She lost her purse. When she has gone to the police station and complained to open an FIR. Then she phoned up to me and I have sent my friend who is a lawyer and he got it done as he knows all the rules. If an ordinary person is also aware of these laws they will come in handy for them when there is a requirement. I hope the author will continue and make us understand all the common rules and regulations,
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    Partha, with a request to you to post all basic laws applicable in India as a total resource in our Article Section, I am locking this thread.
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