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    Is beauty the only aspect we should look for?

    Beauty is a gift of nature. Everyone is attracted and impressed by beautiful things. In society or workplaces, it is natural that people are attracted and admire the beautiful person. It is said that - A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    When we rate the qualities and virtues of a person in general or with an intention of making friends with him or due to any other reason, do we look for his qualities only or are misled by his appearance and looks? Sometimes people are attracted and drawn by the looks only.

    So beauty is a big aspect but what we should look for? A gentle and warm person or just an attractive person whose nature and behaviour are not known?

    What are the views of members on this observation?
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    Beauty is to enjoy, not to touch and feel. There is a restriction for the males and females to enjoy the beauty of others by a touch of feeling. Marriage is one such thing that provides freedom to the couples. In life, the beauty of a person plays a major role than the others which are secondary in nature.
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    It is true that in many cases people are attracted by the looks of someone thinking that a good look signifies good nature. But there is no relation between the outer looks and behavior. People do not have a control on the outer look because they are created in that way, but people have a control on their nature and behavior which can be improved by practice and proper training.

    While meeting a person for the first time, we do not have any idea about the nature of the person irrespective of the looks. In every situation the behavior of a person matters the most. People do not keep in touch with those persons who look good but behave rudely with others. The beauty may fade away with time but the good nature and behavior of a person remains the same in every situation.

    So, the looks play a role to create the impression while meeting a person for the first time, but to continue the relation with that person, her/his behavior and nature matters the most.


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    Beauty is not the only criteria and it is not the primary requisite for any purpose. But many people will get attracted to outside beauty. But they never think about inner beauty. As mentioned by the author beauty is a source of happiness as long as enjoy by seeing at the beauty. A beautiful flower will give you pleasantness. A beautiful plant will give you mental happiness when you see that. But the beautiful flower will be living for a few hours only. The same is the case with the beauty of a person also. A handsome man or a beautiful lady may be good today to see. But as the age comes to this quality will come down. But as the age comes the attitude and maturity level will improve. So his inner beauty will increase. So we should give more value to the behaviour, attitude, knowledge and character than external beauty.
    Sometimes this external beauty will make us take wrong decisions but that will be known after sometime only. It is easy to get attracted to beauty than anything else.

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    Beauty should not be the only criteria to judge a person. When we meet a person for the first time as we don't know about the person so its very obvious we just see the looks of a person and make perception of the person in our mind but that perception goes on changing when we meet that person frequently and come to know about that person more.

    Practically one should not give more weightage to the beauty but the other qualities of a person but it doesn't happen with the people and they prefer looks of the person and get dishearten when they get wrong and realise it. I am sort of a person who know outer beauty is temporary and I never give much importance to it.


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    What according to us is the beauty, if it is plysical appearance, then evetually after sometime, it will fade away. We all know that don't we?
    But for me the beauty is in the heart, his or her actions. That makes somone really beautiful. I have a friend who is one of the most attractive female on the planet and what makes her stand out is the fact, she is very compassionate and humble too. She is living in a country which is known to be rude in the world, so I expected very less from her, but she really made me realize, that our actions are the factor for overall beauty of self.

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    It is well-known that appearance can be deceptive. So, to judge a person just by his looks is not advisable. An instant affection due to good looks cannot be avoided but it is safer to maintain a distance till you get to know more of him. You might not get to know him even after conversing with him for a few minutes; it takes time. So, the lesson is that one should neither fall for beauty nor for the initial sweet words; Take your own time, be prudent and wise.
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    It is a fact that the first impression of a person, male or female, on us is the physical appearance and his or her get up. It is natural and is a unwritten law of nature.

    In history there are incidents when a king invaded a country just because he wanted to marry a beautiful girl of that kingdom. Based on beauty and outwardly appearances people had and are taking impulsive decisions. It is something inherent in human nature and behaviour.

    As other members have also pointed out, beauty can be deceptive and there may be an ugly face behind that and we must be careful that we should not allow our impulses to override our prudence. The real beauty is the nature and behaviour of a person. The degree of love and affection which he can offer you in a cordial and amicable environment. What we require in life is peace of mind and calmness in life, nothing else matters.

    So wise people try to find out what is beneath that beauty and then only take initiatives of friendship or long time relationship.

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