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    Provide at least 10 minutes for yourselves daily

    I have observed that a person has time to chat on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media. He also has time to talk about politics, films, games and sports, etc. He also has time to talk about other persons of their locality. But he does not have time to talk to himself. He never talks about his life. He should also try to ask himself what he needs in life? What is his ambition?
    At least we should give 10 minutes to talk to ourselves. It will really be helpful to us. We will get more energy by providing only 10 minutes to ourselves daily.
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    A very good thread by the author. Everyone should have a time of her/his own where there will be no external influence. The time has to be spent to concentrate on one's own mind. Our mind is active all the time and it is making it's own plans. To listen to our mind we must keep it free from any influence and then only we will be able to listen to the mind. It helps to increase our concentration and stay calm.

    Paying attention to anything is always very important and lack of attention is the main cause of different troubles. Be it at our work place, home, friend circles or anywhere, many arguments start because we do not hear or follow things properly. To avoid many difficult situations in life and to improve one's concentration level , it is necessary to spend a little amount of time exclusively with our own mind.


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    It is important to spend some time thinking about us and introspecting ourselves. As advised by the author we should spare some time for our own interest. To know our own strengths and weaknesses is always very important. That will help us in improving our behaviour and understanding about various needs of us. But many of us will never do that.
    We should hear our mind and act accordingly. We should always have a goal in our life and think about the goal. How to reach the goal. What is the methodology to be adopted and how far we have reached and are we on time? These are to be reviewed and any amendments are required to be carried out is to be seen.

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    Yes it is essential for a person to take out time for him/herself. At the end of the day we must analyse what we did, where we went wrong and how to improve ourself.

    We people waste our time on these social sites. I remember when were kids there was no Internet and we used to pass time by talking to each other, playing. We used to have plenty of time for self analysis which we dont have now a days.

    I have seen people who don't take interest in social sites and still spend their time nicely. Similarly we should spend minimum time of ours on these wasteful sites. But that doesn't mean that we should talk about others or waste our precious time in gossiping. We should spend time on creativity, gaining knowledge and introspect ourself so that we may be able to bring some positive changes in ourselves.


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    It is a very good thread. Yes, all of us must spend time for ourselves. But many of us forget this due to family responsibilities and ultimately harm the family by neglecting ourselves. So, let's spend some time for ourselves.
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    The most practical but at the same time most ignored or neglected aspect of our daily life. If our mind is full of disturbance which we usually feel all the time because of the busy schedule it is advised to spend sometimes for being alone. This helps in reducing the load & stress but in addition this also helps in maintaining the balance with you with the rest of the world then you feel peace with more positivity gathering inside. The best time could be the morning & beneath a tree which should be far from the disturbances of life traffic. Perhaps meditation could be the best words to refer this.

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    A nice thread indeed. We must give some time for ourselves when we are not actively engaged in any activity right from office work to online social media involvement.

    There is the time when one can have introspection and analysis of ones achievement and failures. A time to calmly think about future strategies and tentative plans.

    If we do not give any time for ourselves we will be trapped in the vicious circle of doing more but achieving a little. It has happened with people who are blindly busy without finding time for themselves.

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