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    Why do we hesitate in saying sorry to others.

    How many of you hesitate to say sorry to others when you are wrong. Many of us have some sort of ego which doesn't allow us to say it.

    I have seen people who know that they were wrong in some situation but they never realise it and expect others to say sorry in that situation.

    I believe nothing is going to happen if we realise our mistake if done. I know thats difficult for people who are egoistic by nature but I would suggest them to do it as by doing this they will find peace and solace. What do you say?
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    It is nothing wrong to say sorry to someone if we are at fault. To err is human. But understanding our mistakes and not doing, again and again, the same mistake should be our attitude. If because of our mistake somebody is getting affected we should say sorry to him and see that he will not have any loss because of our mistake. Our ego should not come in between. A mistake is a mistake irrespective of who committed it. So we should not defend ourselves when we know that we are at fault and it should say sorry to the other person. This is a required trait for any human being.
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    It depends on the general culture of a particular society, place or country. In many places saying sorry even for small and insignificant things is customary. On the other hand in some societies people feel that saying sorry is against their prestige and honour.

    We can observe the difference even in the families in our neighbourhood that in some families the children are well mannered and they will utter thank you and things like that every time you interact or may be you give a chocolate to them. At the same time there are families where children are simply ill mannered and they will at the most smile on your gestures and thats all. So it depends how the people are being nurtured since their childhood.

    So when they grow up they have those traits already established in their mannerism and then they naturally behave in that pattern.

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    Weel, another point in this is the factor apart from the ego, we also feel the fact, what if the other person will start accusing us if we will say sorry, what if he or she will disbard us, shame us, once he or she realizes that we are guilty. I have seen people, feeling sorry, realizing they need to aplogize, but hold back because they fear, being abashed later on too.
    So in order to ask for sorry, one has to be really strong. Strong to accept his or her mistake, strong to accept the fact, that even though there can be some repurcussions of this apology for sometime, but eventually you will be at peace.

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    When you know you are wrong, then there should not be any hesitation to say sorry. When you admit that you are at fault, it has some advantages also. Mr. Umesh has rightly pointed out that mannerisms depend on the upbringings of the child and this hesitation to acknowledge the fault is related to the inhibition practiced during childhood. This habit can be changed later on too if it is pointed out to the person that he is at fault and has to acknowledge it for his betterment.

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