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    Why not special buses for those who are differently able?

    It is a pathetic sight to see those without vision or other differently able people finding it so difficult to board buses or trains. In fact, most prefer to travel only by buses.

    Society owes it to them to also lead normal lives. Why not introduce special buses that can be boarded and used only by such people, at least on major routes? Another alternative is to give some incentives to those who will opt to operate special autos with the TATA ACE vehicle, modified as an auto, in most metros. In fact, the support can also come from CSR funds.

    Each such auto should also have a conductor who will help the differently able people to board such autos and also alight at convenient points. Once such exclusive autos are made available, the life of those who are differently able will become far better and will bring them some happiness.

    Will the Government do something and encourage such private entrepreneurs? Even mini buses should be operated by the private sector operators.
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    The author has given a good idea to help the differently able or handicapped persons in the society by exclusively providing such measures to them.

    Practically speaking this will require a huge investment and such facilities might be under-utilised as it can not be provided at every place and the handicapped persons can not reach the select places so easily.

    Anyway, the Govt and some NGOs can combinly start it on experimental basis to see the response to such gestures. If successful, it can be implemented in some crowded places where the differently able have difficulties in moving from here to there. In the beginning small buses or pick up vehicles can be deployed for this purpose. As this is a totally humanitarian work it may require the philanthropic aids from the super rich people or business organisations in our country.

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    Thats a very good thinking. Government should think over it. Its good idea. In metro cities normally the buses are crowded and to travel in them is very difficult specially during the working hours even for the normal people. Then how difficult it is for disabled people.

    It would better if government think of them and start some special services. I am in favour for this but for that NGOs will have to come forward. As this would be a total charity work so its for sure the services will be in loss so to compensate loss donations can be collected but its should be started to help them.


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    The percentage of differently able people are not much, as such, a special vehicle for their conveyance may not be worth implementing. The present system of having seats reserved in the buses for the disabled is good enough to meet their requirement.

    In most of the buses, the seats earmarked for the differently able people remain vacant or occupied by the healthy people. From this, it is evident that the percentage of such differently able people are far less to travel in buses.

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    The government is already giving free passes and escort passes for such people. They can travel by buses and trains by using the passes issued by the government. They can obtain passes separately for local buses and district buses. They can also obtain passes for trains as and when they want to undertake a journey. One of my sisters was deaf and dumb. She is working as a Clerk in the AP veterinary department. She was given a pass for her travel by bus in the city buses. If she has to go outside the city she will get a pass for herself and one escort. She will also get train passes for herself and one escort to any place in India. Some seats are reserved for these people in the buses.
    I think the facilities that are being provided by the government are good enough for them to undertake a journey without any problem. As they can't board buses and trains easily, an escort pass is also being provided to them based on the nature of the handicap.

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    Thank you posting this view, I am glad someone understood the issuw with the disabled, or more likely word, differently abled. I have seen people ignoring the people with mobility issues and grab their seats in buses and metros. I cannot complain for the less educated people, as I have seen issue with the highly educated working professionals, not bothering to give me seat in my own company's cab or bus.
    Yes, there is a need to have separate buses for such people, because as per my personal experience, reserving a coach or seat does not help at all. India is a big country and crowded one too. There is a very less chance that every one follows rules religiously.

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    Special buses for physically challenged people is a very good proposal, but it is not practicable. It would also not serve any purpose. There are many underlying questions. As for example, the bus routes, why these particular bus routes, which cities would have such buses for physically challenged, economic viability, proper survey, associated problems, different types of seats, provisions separate provisions for visually impaired, hearing impaired and for other forms of disability, etc.

    This proposal is too good to be implemented in India.

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    Idea is really a good one. There are buses separately designed running in many places of Tamilnadu by having lower flooring,wide entrance etc., besides there are reserved seats for them in all buses by having a bell switch below the window if such reserved seats. But the problem is such seats are not used by them because no sitting person give them on seeing or they refuse to accept the offer due their complex. One day when I saw a blind person boarding in a stopping,offered my seat to sit. He vehemently refused and told,'I don't want your sympathy'. I felt bad.
    Even many ladies are not using the ladies special buses. I don't know the reason.

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