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    Is congress with other alliance parties going to win Telangana elections?

    The elections for State Assembly of Telangana State are scheduled to be held in the month of December 2018. KCR dissolved the assembly and gone for early polls. Initially, the general feeling in the public is TRS of KCR is going to win the elections with a good margin. But slowly the things are changing. The TJS of Prof.Kondaram, TDP and some other parties joined hands with Congress and this made congress stronger. Added to this the recent talk of KCR criticising the TDP and scolding the Chandrababu Naidu and talking bad about the people from Andhra who settled in Hyderabad, added strength to the Congress. Presently people are expecting a good performance by Congress and some even going to the extent of saying that Congress may form the government after elections. What are the views of the members on this?
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    Frankly speaking, I hesitate to submit my opinion on this issue because of this thread. I earlier sought clarifications on whether we can discuss the Assembly elections, or not. But I did not receive any clear reply.
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    Now the elections in Telangana are declared and as per the linked thread also we can discuss the elections once they are declared. That is the reason why I raised this thread. Another point is this thread is not about the general elections but only a state election.
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    I am quoting from the said thread: "With the General Elections in the offing, may we request our members to desist from raising threads related to the probabilities and possibilities during the next election? "

    Evidently, this thread 'requests' not to discuss the election-related matters before the general election, i.e., the Lok Sabha election of 2019.

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    In politics, anything can happen at any time. A party ruling today may not be a party ruling tomorrow. I do not know much about KCR of TRS. How good or bad is he must be known to the Telengana voters only. Hence I do not have any idea as to how Congress with others will do in the coming election.

    @ Members, December is not far away. There won't be any objection from the editors to discuss Telengana Assembly election.

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    I do not think there will be any objection to discussing the Lok Sabha elections also. It was a request only. I do not find anything wrong in discussing the politics as long as the members do not get carried away and create an unhappy situation.
    The State of Telangana owes its existence to the Congress party. The TRS may win with a decreased majority. The Congress, TDP and TJS combine may give a tough fight but cannot unseat TRS from power. In politics, the equations change until the last minute. The people from Telangana can give a better picture of the election scenario there.

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    As far as I understand, there would be a bitter fight between TRS and TDP+Congress combine. BJP is not powerful enough to form the Government in Telengana on its own, but this time it would play the role of king-maker.

    KCR is on a sticky wicket this time. Many voters are not exactly happy with his pro-minority stance.

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