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    Has anyone visited Khidrapur in Western Maharashtra?

    I have recently come to know about a small village named Khidrapur which is 60 kilometers away from the city of Kolhapur (towards the east). Khidrapur is nowadays called the Khajuraho of Maharashtra. In this village, at the bank of River Krishna, there is an ancient temple which has the 'ling' forms of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. I have heard that this ancient temple was constructed by Raja Singhandev, a king of Yadava dynasty, in the year 1136 A.D. This temple is known as Koeshwar Temple and the temple architecture is worth seeing.

    This temple somehow managed to survive the plunderers before the reign of Aurangzeb. Even after extensive damages by the Mughal badshah, the architecture and carvings are worth seeing. Nowadays, many tourists with interest in Indian history are visiting this place.

    I would like to know if any Member of ISC has visited this place, or not. If yes, then what is the best way to visit the temple from Delhi?
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    I have not visited this place and even not heard about this place. I had been to the city of Kolhapur and visited the Lakshmi temple there. But there also no one told about this place or temple. Now as I got the information about this I will try to inquire some people here and if possible try to make a visit. Kolhapur is nearer to Hyderabad and we can go easily by road.
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    I have not heard of this place. Muslim emperors have tried to destroy all Hindu temples but they could not damaged them all.

    This is Kopeshwar temple situated on the border of Maharashtra and karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Lord shiva. It is said that the construction of this temple started in 7th AD but remained incomplete and got completed by Yadava Kings and shiIahara. Its an ancient temple and an artistic example of Indian architecture. One must see this temple once in life.


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    Even Vishnu in the form of a ling? That's unusual. Although I have a theory that Shaligram form of Vishnu found in Nepal is a form of lingam only. But such worship was hardly seen in mainland India. Good to know about this temple. Maybe because it was located in Maratha region, it was safe from plunders.
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    Exactly. This is very unusual. But I have only heard this. So, I want to delve further.
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    Neither I heard nor seen such an historically important place, though I have spent most of my life in Bombay/Mumbai. Will try to visit the place during my next visit to Maharashtra, if I have the grace of Lords Shiva and Vishnu.
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    I express my thanks to all who have furnished their valuable comments. I would like to know about Kolhapur. Is it a big city with car-rental facilities? I only know that Kolhapuri chappals are of excellent quality.
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